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Post by Lucy_Rush »

I love the number five. No particular reason i just really like it. drawing 5-pointed stars with 5 lines, whilst counting the lines (either doodling them on paper, or tracing them in my pocket [lol that sounds strange]), is always strangely calming. :)

My other favourite numbers have to be prime numbers. Especially 11 as well. Purely because i find it to be a really cool number - it is written as 2 number 1's. Adding the 2 1's together makes 2, and timesing 11 by 2 gives 22, which is written as 2 number 2's.

Generally i'm a big fan of numbers. Much prefer them to letters any day. :D

Other favourite sounds are water - waves breaking, sound of the sea, sound of the paddle as a boat glides through the water, etc.....
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Post by Glitch »

I have a problem of impulsiveness. If I'm watching a DVD on my laptop I HAVE to keep stopping it to check imdb.com of wikipedia or dictionary.com if I don't understand something. I also store things in my phone to remember to look up if it comes up in conversation.

I absolutely love music and finding emotion in music, I also like the way animals behave.

Old buildings fascinate me too.
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Re: Our view of the world

Post by melissad1113 »

I love genetics. I like to research anything related to genetics and can do it all day if I had the time. I've been obsessed for about 15 years. I like making collages of photos and I like collections of things, or just things grouped together. I'm not quite sure how to explain that.
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Re: Our view of the world

Post by toxic_ange »

I'm hugely impulsive, so I will randomly get an urge to do something and I will usually follow through.

I like the smell of books.

Hate certain fabrics love others

cant eat certain food, but there are others i will happily munch on for days.

I watch people all the time, cause its really interesting. People amaze me, and disgust me too sometimes. while amazing me often. I like to try and figure out what is going on inside, like a puzzle.

i love music, but i cant stand live music as i can feel wrong notes.
"we are all the same under the skin, and I for one would skin the world to prove it" - Ayn Rand
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Re: Our view of the world

Post by joy »

I like to take photos of a flower. or swans, or practically anything or throwing a pebble into a pool or lake and take a photograph of the ripple it causes and capture the moment in time
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Re: Our view of the world

Post by Saphyra »


I tend to look at numbers and dates - I somehow recognize patterns with license number plates and also with the dates when the trains had their technical service. Somehow numbers have a special meaning to me - I also read the obituaries and try to read patterns I have remembered from before. I know it's odd but on cemeteries, I am constantly calculating the age of the people buried- I work in a field where I need to keep much data - in a minute I can recognize patterns for myself. I can also remember numbers with more then 23 digits. These things are not useful but each assembly of numbers, dates, etc. has a strong meaning to me.. I also assign colours to letters, numbers and also years. I can remember any details I encountered in my life when I'm in some hypnotic dream state (that's amazing - everything is still here and I know the year when it was like that, everything is kept in my mind with every detail)
I also love to theorize about natural structures, I can go out in nature and would recognize resembling structures easily.. I am highly imaginative with these things and tend to cannot get enough of structures once I had begun to examine them..
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Re: Our view of the world

Post by calumfsinclair »

On my phone I have 1000+ photos that I've seen on the Internet with an interesting caption or something on it, and I think it might be useful one day. This trait is applied to everything, I never throw things away it seems wasteful, even if I've destroyed something I'll try to find another use for it.
I tend to be half way through a scentance, and when I've made it make sense in my head I just change the topic and everyone else is "what?" and I say never mind it makes sense to me, then when they make me tell them I'll forget and make the conversation very awkward.
I tend to read signs and notices out loud, which my family finds annoying and says I'm stating the obvious but it seems to make sense more if I say it out loud.
I also run my hand along walls and notice boards etc to feel what it is, I get some strange looks but I like to touch things. My friends at school think I'm off my rocker because I touch their sleeves when I'm talking to them to see what it's made of since I can tell materials apart by their feel and quite often smell.
Sticks and stones will break your bones, but more often if your dyspraxic!!!
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Re: Our view of the world

Post by griffyndor23 »

I have a mild form of dyspraxia 'dyspraxic tendencies' it was called when I was diagnosed at ten years old (I am now 25).

I am messy, I can tidy my bed room and two days later it will be an absolute tip and I will have little idea how it got like that. I can be prone to obsessions (this is where I feel my dyspraxia draws on asperges syndrome) for example pulling threads out of towels and fiddling with them in a dream like state for a good half an hour.

On the plus side being dyspraxic makes me quite an oringal thinker so I have a lot of friends. I also have a strong memory for very specific things ie what nail varnish, shoes or jewelry a person was wearing on a particular day, music and sounds in general. I am also very good at reading and have an excellent vocabulary however this can often make me come across as a bit stuck up despite not being at all. :S

As I have read on here I also have random bursts of enthusiasm for certain things but frustratingly I often lose interest just as quickly.
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Re: Our view of the world

Post by Peculiar »

I like to look at peoples eye color; at all the intricate designs and patterns and sometimes multiple colors in the iris's. I've noticed that I have dark blue outlines, and in the middle I have a teal color, and that's mixed with a yellow color that's coming from the outer rims of the pupil. I also have dark red specks that I like to call "eye freckles".

I notice wall and ceiling paint. The texture of it trips me out sometimes, and I just stare at it and start seeing shapes and movement (if I don't blink my eyes).

Face shapes are also fascinating to me. I like to try and figure out what shape people's faces are: square, pear, heart, round, oval, oblong, etc.

When I ride on the train, or drive around, or am in line at a store, or eating at a restaurant, I examine people. I watch how they act and pay attention to every detail from facial expression, to their clothing styles. I like to try and put myself in their shoes and see through their eyes. I even make up stories about them. This actually helps me come up with characters for my short stories.
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Re: Our view of the world

Post by holleee »

I can relate to what Peculiar said. I like to look at my own eyes and imagine tiny universes in every swirl, colour and shape. I also like to look at minute facial features, down to every single colour of every single cell. I like to think about how the world would be shaped differently if our perception of language was different (I can't explain what I mean by that ironically...I know what I mean). People say to me "that's why you're an artist, cause you're so weird" but I just see it as looking at the world from a completely different point of view
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Re: Our view of the world

Post by puzzledbyadream »

I notice everything and read any bit of text I see, often out loud if I have company. I often annoy people by constantly going "look at the sheep, ooh that's a nice hill, that person has a funny hat on"

I always, always eavesdrop, I don't mean to, but I do. It's got to the point where I would rather listen to somebody else being told something than ask myself. My boyfriend (also dyspraxic but in some ways opposite to me) got really peeved a few months ago when I overheard some important information and then snapped at him "didn't you hear what she just said?". Apparently he hadn't because it is rude to eavesdrop.
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Re: Our view of the world

Post by Ein »

Personal space- people standing too close to one another in a queue, people walking fast and too close behind me.

Reactions- A lot seem to like you to reacting to things they say, with words or expressions in the way they want you to (even if the jokes are poor)

Dogs eyes and body language- I tend to pick up on what they want to project.

Track 6- I have found a lot of my favourite songs of albums to be track 6
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