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I am a bit fed up with dyspraxia at the moenmet. I am always falling over and hurting myself. But in the last month i have manged to drop a laptop and ipad and broke both off them. I can now only access the inertnet by using someone elses computer.

I am not feeling very positive at the momnet. it is costing me loads with things i break. I allso drop things at work and have broken loads. i just feel angry at myself as i i need to replace one of them.

sometmes i feel that dyspraxia is a curse.
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Re: frustrated

Post by Tom fod »

If you have contents or gadget insurance is it worth considering whether you might be able to make an accidental damage claim?

While I was on holiday I was watching people paddling in the sea with IPads thinking No that's far too much of an accidental damage risk. I get quite upset angry with myself if I lose or damage anything despite taking as much care as I can. Problem is a small lapse in concentration and things can go bad quickly, though I suppose it is true for everybody.

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Re: frustrated

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How bad is the damage to the items - is it just the screen (often is) or more major, I would get the items checked out at the Apple genius bar so you know the extent of the damage and from there deiced weather to repair or replace.

I too lose and brake things quite a lot, for me yes it is very much frustrating and annoying but as it happens a lot the way I see it is that I keep my things I don't want to lose or brake at home (or try to). For other items, if they get lost or broken then I just have to replace yes its a cost but I guess I am relativity used to it
Its the things that have more of a value to me which are taken out of the house / moved about and therefor more chances of loss and breakage that worry me and frustrate me more when they do get lost or broken. I feel more at fault and they are often the items more harder to find and replace.

If and when you get a new ipad and computer or fix the damaged ones have you considered getting a decent protective case for each of them, it may not make indestructible but a good quality one will certantly help protect it.
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