no direction sense

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no direction sense

Post by clumsy-expat »

Hey there,

I just wondered if anyone has any hints or tips for people like me who have a terrible sense of direction?I have just moved somewhere new where I don't speak any of the language and I am living for the first time in a very big city where I am terrified of getting lost. I don't have a smart phone or GPS and struggle to follow maps.
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Re: no direction sense

Post by Tom fod »

Hi and welcome

Have you got a local street map/A-Z?
You could perhaps try creating your own simplified sketch map noting the names of near by streets and the direction in which they run. If ypu have a camera you cd add pics of landmarks and or keep these as an aide memoire. Being lost when you need to be somewhere is not a nice feeling so try to use down time to build familiarity with the area by some tentative exploration.

Where are you ad what is the local language?
Hope this helps.

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Re: no direction sense

Post by Jim »

clumsy-expat wrote:I don't have a smart phone or GPS and struggle to follow maps.
Perhaps you could consider getting one though, it doesn't have to be the latest most expensive model. And Google maps on a smart phone also works well as a sat nav, even for walking. You don't have to read a map, as it gives you voice instructions.
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Re: no direction sense

Post by Tim G »

I would recommend getting a smart phone (for maps etc) or GPS device.

I could say to print out maps with directions on it for where you need to get to regularly or get maps of the local area. Yes this could help but like a lot / all of us hear we find it very hard to read maps and follow directions even simple ones - a GPS device would help so much i highly recommend it.
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Re: no direction sense

Post by PaulW »

I have a really awful sense of direction. I once got so lost I had to telephone my wife and she had to come and get me. I use a GPS on my smartphone and it really helps. A cheap tablet like Tesco's Hudl also has GPS in it.
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Re: no direction sense

Post by Rummur »

When I moved to my tiny uni town I got so lost. I found getting out and exploring helped me. When people tell me directions they might as well not bother. Make a note of landmarks or shops and stay calm. Sometimes you can find some interesting places by exploring. A gps system on a smartphone is very helpful.
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