What is 2nd percentile?

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What is 2nd percentile?

Post by Ellie »

I have recently had an occupational therapy assessment and I scored 2nd percentile. I know that I am below the 5th percentile and that means that I am dyspraxic but I was wondering how servere this means I am. I have always considered myself to be moderatly-severly dyspraxic and I think that that's what this means. If you could let me know any more about it I would be very gratful. Thanks!
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Re: What is 2nd percentile?

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Welcome to our community

Percentile is a statistical term.
http://statistics.about.com/od/Descript ... entile.htm

It's ironic, stuff like this confuses me (and probably a lot of other people who are not mathematicians or statisticians). I feel I ought to try and understand it whilst another part of me says is it worth knowing the complete ins and outs and understand it to the nth degree. Strangely I feel bad because I don't know when part of me says to myself 'you should know'.

Society and especially the medical profession need and want to categorise people.

This may be completely wrong (so if anyone can correct me please do)
I think 5th percentile means you fall into the 5% of the population (or those who have taken the tests you did) and are considered to have dyspraxia/be dyspraxic. I think your assessment that 2nd percentile means moderately severe is as good as any (2 out of the 5).

It's not very easy to quantify because I'm not aware of what the parameters are and with statistics you can get things to mean different things. It is not clear what or who you are being measured against and comparing people against each other is not necessarily fair. I want to urge you not to beat yourself up about this and try not to feel defined by what you scored in one test on one day.

If you're still awake and moderately sane after reading the above, well done. I hope you find the contents of these forums more useful and a comfort that you are not alone.

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Re: What is 2nd percentile?

Post by ALADDIN »

2% of people are below you.
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Re: What is 2nd percentile?

Post by Moot »

It is confusing! When I went to be diagnosed, my result papers had about the percentiles for each bit and I couldn't get my head around it and still wouldn't really.
Hopefully not making too many moot points... heh... *ahem* :D
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Re: What is 2nd percentile?

Post by Sue »

Hi, I am a school SENCO and the explanation of percentiles we have from educational psychologists is...''The percentile is the number of children, out of a group of 100 children of the same age we would expect to do less well than xxxxxx. In other words, only 2% of people out of 100 would score the same result or less. I hope that helps?
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