Does any one forget this and how do u rember it?

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Does any one forget this and how do u rember it?

Post by B3nji1992 »

hey this is my first post really new to the forum, I always new I had dyspraxia as I was told I had it since I was a child. But untill I came hear I thought it only really affected my memory . Learnt a lot about it over the past few days, anyway my point was does anyone put there wallet or car keys down and 5 mins later u have, forgot /lost them . And can't find them for Afew days, if so how do u rember them to avoid this. Sorry for the badly spelt essay to make a minor point :)
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Re: Does any one forget this and how do u rember it?

Post by Tom fod »

Welcome to the forums B3nji1992

Yours is a perfectly valid point so don't feel shy about airing it.

I had a major panic last weekend having thought I'd lost my wallet. Fortunately it was in one of the 10+ pockets in my coat but not the usual one. Not a nice feeling to fear it was lost and not the first time I have put something in one of the lesser pockets, forgot and had a panic.

Binary your post about being less likely to lose your trousers made me laugh. Having a routine of where you keep certain things is something I try to do through I can be ill disciplined at times.

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Re: Does any one forget this and how do u rember it?

Post by Shadwell »

Welcome to the forum, yes I always have problems with keys etc. the only way I manage to get around it is to put my keys in a specific place all the time, so that I can find them again,

the problems begin when looking for something at last minute after picking up my keys. then they vanish into thin air!! but always try to keep my keys by the TV set, my phone by my kitchen door, as only place I can charge it. and my wallet (usually empty!!) by my keys. so I always go to those places to get everything before I go out.
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Re: Does any one forget this and how do u rember it?

Post by JohanMidas »

It's happened to me many times. I feel utterly hopeless and futile whenever it happens and it can take weeks to replace what was lost. I still have a wallet in an airport in Germany as the cost of retrieval was more than the value of what was inside.
It's good to 'know the drill': how to contact the bank and cancel the cards, as that's by far the biggest danger. My greatest fear's not being able to remember enough of the security questions, or even my own biographical facts, to be able to convince the bank that I am who I am, and so they won't cancel the cards. Fortunately that's not happened so far.
I have a device which has some RFID tags - you can attach them to things like keys and wallets, and then use the device to locate them. It has a mode so that it makes an alarm noise if any of the tagged items are out of a certain range, which would be good in theory if the device itself weren't so bulky.
You can also get key chains, which attach keys and wallets to zips/dongles on coat pockets. Unless I lose my coat I can't lose my wallet. This is tougher to do with a lighter summer jacket than a heavy winter coat, as the former usually have fewer pockets.
There's no good way to chain phones, as far as I know, but at least you can phone them then hear out for them if they're nearby.

Losing things is something that *will* happen, a lot. All that can be done is to make sure it happens less frequently, and that the consequences are less severe when it does happen. Checking is a habit, but I think habits are performed less consistently for people with dyspraxia than for most people, and it's easier to get distracted mid-way through checking and forget to continue checking. If on a train, then I guess checking well before you need to leave should help, as rushing - or someone telling you to 'hurry up' - can be enough for the check to fail.
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Re: Does any one forget this and how do u rember it?

Post by Captain_Ludd »

Yup I'm also always loosing my wallet and keys (among other things ), so now I'm really strict about where I put them I don't think its necessarily a dyspraxic thing though I know several people who are far worse.
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