Im depressed at 15

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Im depressed at 15

Post by Mys »

Om 15 and some days are normal other day oi just look at my self and am really depressed , I also like to start fights a lot but most of all I'm depressed a lot. Is it because of dysplasia should I get medication, I don't want to tell my parents help!

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Re: Im depressed at 15

Post by screengreen »

I can understand that you don't want to tell your parents but please do visit your GP, you may not get medication but they may refer you for talking therapy or even to occupational therapy ( they are all trained in physical and mental health). You could also talk to your school as some schools have counsellors who may be able to help or at least listen until you can think things through for your self, by the way there is hope at 18 I wanted to commit suicide but I am now a sucessfulish 40 something mum, I still have dyspraxia and get fuming about it sometimes and cry sometimes but generally life is OK, will be thinking of you let us know how you get on.

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Re: Im depressed at 15

Post by rodge1991 »

I went through deep depressive states over the course of my dwelling of this planet, I find the best way was to write down my problems (or typing them into a computer) and then once finished read it over a few times and then delete it.

Do you know why you are depressed? Because if you know that's half the battle to the steps out of the depressive state.

Keep your chin up :D
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