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Hey guys I used to go out with my friends quite a lot but as we have got older they have noticed I'm different and thick. We are 15 now and they used to invite me out a lot now I just spend my weekend s indoors on the PC and have even got to the point where I even want to leave my rugby team as I can't do the drills and am so stupid and dumb! Its so easy for everyone but me and BTW my friends dont know Im Dyspraxic please help asap!

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Hi sorry to hear you're feeling like this. It's hard isn't it? Have you been in touch with dyspraxia foundation to get some advice or see if there is a local group for young people? You would then find other people have similar difficulties and might get some good advice. Try not to think of yourself as stupid although it's hard when you find things difficult. I always struggled with sport and practical things and so wish I"d known about dyspraxia when I was younger. There are exercises you can do so worth asking Dyspraxia Foundation. Good luck. Hope things work out for you.

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Don't think yourself as stupid or dumb. Just because you are dyspraxic does not mean you cannot lead a normal life, as for wanting to quit rugby is there another sport you enjoy such as swimming? I was part of a swimming club for around 5 years but had to quit as they changed the time. Dont allow your dyspraxia to hold you back accept who you are take the course of life you want and succeed.

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