Painful Joints

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Re: Painful Joints

Post by joy »

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Re: Painful Joints

Post by andyyblake »

Exercise at early morning is the only way for getting relief from painful joints and it is very dangerous for the growth of health.
Tara Gonzalez
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Re: Painful Joints

Post by Tara Gonzalez »

Its common to all now adays...Even i have joints pain..Am having ayurvedic treatment.
Ayurveda can cure it completely
Joint pain and fatigue are symptoms of Celiac Disease.
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Re: Painful Joints

Post by Philip »

I been having painful joints/leg

This has been starting since February 2012. I have been to the doctors, had blood test (came back clear) but started hurting again but not as much I do have something called Type 1 Neurofibromatosis whether there are lumps inside my leg which are making my leg hurt, I am getting booked in back at the doctors again.

We thought it could be that I am not having enough walking per day, lack of vit D, how I sit etc.

I know arthritis is very common on my mum side of the family.
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Re: Painful Joints

Post by tillydog »

Ldyalb wrote:I have chronic pain from Fibromyalgia and Hypermobility. Some common causes of chronic pain in the joints include;

- Fibro
- Hypermobility/Ehlers Danlos
- Rheumatoid Arthritis
- Osteoarthritis (not likely if you're young)
- Myofascial pain syndrome

amongst others. I also have twisty ankles, they're very hypermobile. I can stand with one foot normal and the other foot's heel against my toes - like this woman can;

It sounds like you could be hypermobile, it's quite common for people with hypermobility to also have dyspraxia and fibro or just one of those. I'd definitely recommend seeing your GP, I find prescription painkillers help a lot. Plus I get Physio, Hydro and Hand therapy on the NHS which is useful :) also if there's something like firbo or arthritis it's best to know about it.
I have Osteoarthritis and Hypermobility. I was diagnosed when I was 9 with Juvenile Arthritis then it developed into Osteoarthritis.
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Re: Painful Joints

Post by RaviMover »

agsiul wrote:I hear ye....cold wet weather is a killer and my aunt tells me that they think that this shitty weather is going to continue in a 50 year cycle...something to do with sun spots ](*,)

I think your aunt is saying to right............
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Re: Painful Joints

Post by lauraECFan »

I get this a lot in my joints (Particularly my knees) and if I straighten my arm fast enough my elbow clicks. Last year I was doing work experience in a vets and the long periods of standing played hell with my knees so I had to sit down while I watched operations and consultations. I often juggle whether or not to start taking cod liver oil.
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Re: Painful Joints

Post by kathleenjames »

Yes my friend faced this problem but she started to take participate in workouts activities.
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Re: Painful Joints

Post by Shadwell »

wow a forum message I haven't written on yet!! opps..done that now!!

yeah I always had problems with my knee caps especially, maybe because I only wear jeans to cover them. but starting to get my elbows to lock up as well.

I did see a doctor in the hospital about my knees, his exact words were yes, sounds to me like the fluid behind the knee caps has gone, the only option is to give you artifical knees. but we don't want to go that far yet, come back in another 10 - 20 years, and then we will think about it, and that was about 5 years ago.

but what made it really bad was even though I had the problem as a child, my grandfather would always dig his fingures in the back of our knee caps sort of like a Saturday ritual, and then laugh that I was still walking funny and in agony some hour to two hours later. as my knees would swell up.

but yes had the knees locking since about the age of 7 or something, as don't remember it being before that, but it might have been
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Re: Painful Joints

Post by DanAu96 »

yes I often have painful knees often when I am sat around not doing anything and often at the end of the day at work (which i guess isn't surprising) not sure if it's to do with my dyspraxia but I have another condition called Klippel-trenauney-webber syndrome and could be part of that but I don't know
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Re: Painful Joints


I have mild Arthritis (It runs in the family)

Ironically when I started getting good at sport in High School (Once my strength developed) My knees tore themselves too bits and I was barred from doing anything other than Golf and I used to hit the ball too hard on the putting green.

I often have flare ups of tendonitis in my Hands, Wrists, Feet and Ankles.
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