Dyspraxia And Physical Fitness

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Dyspraxia And Physical Fitness

Post by Avarice »

Now that the festive period is behind us I would like the opinion of how people like the visitors of this site are supposed to keep in shape after,like anyone else, eating and drinking everything in the universe?

(1)If you have any of the conditions of people here for getting and keeping in shape team sports like ball games are a problem or non starter.It's also why many of us can through experience not be team players generally in life.

(2)If you have problems learning to drive then private transport can be out to getting to a local authority gym and leisure centres and a pain having to use public transport.

(3)Given that such people can have these problems in the field of exercise how are such people supposed to be incentivised to keep in shape?

It is assumed you can easily be employed, (if its not a going nowhere thing) can easily drive to such places in a vehicle and that all of this can be easily afforded, and you can do things (other than the gym or a pool) that aren't just going to make you feel like a reject which is why many such people here were probably really ANTI-PE at school.

It's also the sort of thing that stops men in particular from doing jobs in the services because problems with hand eye cordination et all are not expected.(Cant play football your a w****r mentality.)

So is it at all understandable that if people here start getting comments about their waistline or being told they are in danger zones for obesity that might warrant a F""" off reply because in many of our lives what we eat and drink is one area where we have some ABSOLUTE power over!

Speaking for myself If I am expected, as a big guy, to look more like Dolph Lundgren or Arnold Schwarzennegger than James Corden then I take the view that these other obstacles relating to neurology that have wider implications than just how in or out of shape I am have to be dealt with first!

I otherwise feel like a cigar smoker being told by a Doctor to give up who just wants to puff it right in their face!

Extend your physical life for as long as possible when the terms in which it is being lived are generally unsatisfactory. WHY? :boxedin:

P.S. The only other reason I can see for being "fighting fight" is for self defence and to wallop anyone hard who has offended me in life over my neurological issues.An idiot educational psychlogist once suggested martial arts.I tried karate and it just made me feel like a reject.
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Re: Dyspraxia And Physical Fitness

Post by Osymandus »

I did Wing chun for 4 years so its not a bad idea , like anyone you have to find the one that suits you ;)
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Re: Dyspraxia And Physical Fitness

Post by Lady Fluff »

I was fine when I worked in retail as being on my feet kept the weight off. Now I'm in an office, I'm 2 and a half stone heavier than when I started 5 and a half years ago. I eat helathily, it's just the lack of exercise that gets to me.

Over the summer, I decided to join a gym. Within a matter of weeks, I had fallen over outside and injured my knee. That took weeks to heal up, as it was a knee that I had only recently finished undergoing physiotherapy on for an earlier injury. I got back to the gym a couple fo months later, and the next week, I srarted to have a bad asthma flare up which lasted another few weeks. Just after that went, I've developed a nasty pain in my foot which has left me limping - I'm destined ot not be able to do anything!

I don't like swimming, as, even though I know it's probably the best exercise you can get, I struggle to co-ordinate all my limbs together, and can't put my face in the water, so I end up floundering and with a bad neck!

I don't like team sports, as I always struggle with sports and so no one ever wants me on their team. That, and I find that the competitive streak often brings out the worst in people.

I did a pilates class at my village hall a few years ago and really enjoyed it, but unfortunately it only ran for a few months. I agree with your point about 'everyone' being able to drive as there are other classes in my 'area' but not ones that I can get to and from easily by public transport in the evenings.

I'm thinking about doing the Couch To 5k running programme when my foot is better. The NHS do podcasts for you to run along to, and I like the sound of that. I do desperately want to get fit - I can't afford to buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes for starters, and I know that obesity was a factor in the cancer that killed my dad, and I don't want the same to happen to me.
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Re: Dyspraxia And Physical Fitness

Post by SirDaveofDanger »

I'm in a position where I keep fit without planning to as I have to walk 2 and a half miles to and from work at least twice a week as I don't own a car (just to give some background I only work 1 in 3 days, but they are 14 and a half hour days). I made the conscious decision that as opposed to relying on taxi's I might as well walk as I am within a walkable distance. Anyway thats basically what keeps me fit, and I pretty much walk anywhere that isn't more than that distance (case in point my local town which is 15 minutes away).
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Re: Dyspraxia And Physical Fitness

Post by Daniel »

This is a really interesting topic and fitness must be a difficulty that affects many on the forum. I've found from many years of bad experiences that I have not even reasonable ability in the vast majority of athletic or sporting endeavours. I also have an office-based job (as this suits my strengths/weaknesses well) and have been looking for opportunities to ensure that I do get some exercise in the course of a week.

Now I'm not one who would ever enjoy the likes of running, however I do suffer from cabin fever if I'm still inside too much, so I do look for opportunities for getting some walking in. During the week I commute into London, which is a 2-part tube journey. Rather than suffer the always crowded 2nd part, I now always try to walk to the office instead, which is around a 40 minute walk. It adds maybe 30 mins to my commute but I rather enjoy it, as there's varied sights and routes available. At weekends I try to go a walk at some point, and I'm now looking at setting aside 2 days a month out where I go for longer walks in the local countryside.

Walking probably isn't as calorie burning as more strenuous activities but it's something that I know I'm comfortable and reasonable capable at, and I can actually enjoy it. Walking is more time consuming that going to gym and the like, however I'd never really consider something a gym as I just imagine is that it would be full of competitive OTT athletic types who wouldn't understand my very limited abilities.

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Re: Dyspraxia And Physical Fitness

Post by Habit »

My parents forced me to play as much sport as possible as a youngster so i was always pretty fit as a kid (as much as an asthmatic can be :grin: ). As a teen i really lost it though and abused my body pretty hard and have only just started picking up the pieces in the past month.

I find the gym is a really rewarding experience and deffinitly worth doing. Even if you're just doing cardio for an hour on excercise bikes or a rowing machine you're doing well! The endorphine buzz you get is a nice bonus to. Strangely i find it's one thing in my life where i can set a goal and go for it and not give up half way!!

Thankfully i live just round the corner so i can walk as i have yet to learn to drive.
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