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Autistic Spectrum Quotient

Post by Stephen »

Firstly I'd like to apologise in advance if this has been posted before, but I am new here and search didn't turn up anything, so as far as I know it hasn't.

Anyway, I found, and joined, this forum as part of self-motivated research into the connections between dyspraxia and autistic spectrum type conditions such as HFA and PDD-NOS. As part of the same research I came across a self-administered "Autistic Spectrum Quotient" test, which is essentialy a 50 statement stongly agree-strongly disagree type questionnaire. Apparently the average score for a neurotypical is 16.4, and 80% of those diagnosed with an autistic spectrum type condition scored over 32.

I am wondering what people with dyspraxia who aren't diagnosed with HFA/AS/PDD-NOS would score on average on this test....and what people who have both dyspraxia and one of those conditions as well would score in comparison. I did the test a few times myself, since I couldn't decide 100% which options to pick for several of the statements, and my scores ranged from 28-35. Though I haven't seen my own medical record and was diagnosed with developmental dyspraxia in childhood, to the best of my knowledge I am not diagnosed with anything beyond dyspraxia.

If anyone else is interested in this or otherwise doesn't mind doing this test, the link is here: - I think it might be interesting if people could post their score here, and state what relevant conditions they are officially diagnosed with, I know it's far from scientific, but I still think it would be interesting to see how far from the neurotypical average dyspraxic people's scores are.

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Re: Autistic Spectrum Quotient

Post by sheppeyescapee »

Hey there,

I have been diagnosed with dyspraxia, dyslexia and AS. I'm starting to doubt the dyslexia part, but anyway I have taken this before but I couldn't find my old score. I took it again and my score was 40 :lol:

I am J, 24, husband, student, diagnosed AS and Dyspraxia.

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Re: Autistic Spectrum Quotient

Post by indigo doll »

i have no formal diagnosis of anything, but my children do.

i've done this before and got a 38.

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Re: Autistic Spectrum Quotient

Post by Cobnotroll »

I did this before. I think I got 36.

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Re: Autistic Spectrum Quotient

Post by sanabituranima »

I got 28, which is higher than average but lower than most autistic people.

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Re: Autistic Spectrum Quotient

Post by Lucy_Rush »

i got 33.

just dyspraxia i have. (even if my mum does keep pointing out how as a kid i was the same in "weird ways" as my young autistic brother. shes hinting at her opinion of something, but i like to ignore that)

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Re: Autistic Spectrum Quotient

Post by gherkin001 »

I got 40, but other than dyspraxia, dyscalculia and epilepsy I have no other problems of any kind!

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Re: Autistic Spectrum Quotient

Post by Mercer »

18. I'd like to think i'm a little bit strange to both neurotypical and the autistic people.

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Re: Autistic Spectrum Quotient

Post by Lady Fluff »

31 from me. I guess if Dyspraxia is at the mild end of the AS, then that kinda figures... Interesting though!
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Re: Autistic Spectrum Quotient

Post by fordprefect »

I've been diagnosed with dyspraxia since childhood and epilepsy, just took the test and scored a 30, not sure what this means but I'm guessing it's at the lower end of autistic spectrum?

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Re: Autistic Spectrum Quotient

Post by Icarus »

I've only ever been diagnosed with a Fine-MotorSkill delay and then Depression and such. I got a 60. How high is that? It doesn't give you a point of reference or a scale or anything.
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