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Re: short fuses

Post by krackerz1590 »

in our life experiences we have had alot of pent up emotions anger frustrations etc had to 'stuff in all inside' hidden which makes it later on as come out more powerful and stronger for holding it back first off which damages MH and already low self-esteem that's my personal opinion on this subject!

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Re: short fuses

Post by dyspraxiascotland »

I have a very long fuse while i do get frustrted and notbeing able to do things i tend to keep it to myuself rather than loosing it with peope,
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Re: short fuses

Post by And27 »

I have a long fuse when it comes to other people... I find I'm quite forgiving of a lot of things but when I do lose my temper it is on an epic scale.

My short fuse is when it comes to myself. I get frustrated at my clumsyness and my inability to do certain things. My lack social skills makes me angry and embarrased and I tend to dwell on things I did or didn't say. I bottle my emotions up too which I know isn't healthy but its so much easier than actually explaining how I feel!

Its usually a snappy attitude or deep sulks with me. But apart from that I'm lovely company!! :D
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Re: short fuses

Post by Remus »

I have quite a long fuse when it comes to people. I rarely possess emotions such as anger. I just find emotions like that just pointless and completely draining.

I never snap at people unless I hate them :P nah, I really hate it when people take their own personal problems out on somebody else. It's just not cool.

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Re: short fuses

Post by Alex »

completely aggree there mate
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Re: short fuses

Post by Owen »

I feel like I have a short fuse when it comes to dealing with the public. I hate customer care, well i don't really feel confident having to help the public I just feel like I am having putting this act on. I have had bad experiences with the public when i used to work at a theme park and used to meet some of the worst behaved people in the UK whose lifestyles I could not relate to or understand or even have anything in common with. I regret putting retail as an interest for work, as now being on a Work Placement at Netto the general public just annoy the living joy out of me! I would rather just get on with work without having to answer questions or running around for people. This may sound selfish, but this is who I am. I am a person who likes solitude and gets stressed out if I have to deal with people in the working role and this is all due to my lack of confidence fuelled by dyspraxia.
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Re: short fuses

Post by Daniel »

I certainly share Owen's comments on dealing with the general public.

I wonder if this is something that dyspraxics are generally less good at. I've been in a few customer facing roles as I thought helping people would be something I'd enjoy. However, I found the number of unreasonable people or the problem following problem ultimately removed enjoyment from such work. Fortunately I'm not doing that sort of thing any more and I love my job.

Unfortunately many dyspraxics have difficulty finding good jobs and this can mean that they end up in lower-paid jobs which are often public facing. This can be double-blow for some as it's poorly paid and the very type of work they're least able to excel in.
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Re: short fuses

Post by sarahlouise22 »

I often come across in totally the wrong way...and can come off quite blunt when talking to some people .... i dont know if that was my problem in terms of making friends i dont know.. but people misjudge me a hell of alot
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Re: short fuses

Post by madyotto »

i have all the same as the above other then PMT and the short fuse i used to have

however i wish i did have a short fuse as i build things up in epic amounts
sometimes as much ass 18 months but when my very long fuse goes just don't be there not at all yet the police usually are lol

i don't believe that we have short fuses from birth more just as a reaction to some of the extreme emotions and feeling we are left with from the dyspraxia like when i am in a room with more than 4-5 i will always snap to easy

huuum about the counting to ten just the idea of it would wind me up more i really could count to a 100 and it wont make any difference

i also have big problems at the minuet with my erratic emotions hitting an all time high
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Re: short fuses

Post by Catwoman42 »

I do have a short fuse, but I bottle it up. The kind of irrational thing that drives me crazy are queues; I hate waiting and I particularly hate queueing.
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Re: short fuses

Post by madyotto »

yes i can get anxious in cue's to

i find i too always have a constant need for instant satisfaction and feel lost and withdrawn without it
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Re: short fuses

Post by Jamie1807 »

Sometime's I do, I'm not so bad.

I didn't think it had anything to do with my Dyspraxia, I thought it was more to do with being a fiery Scot :lol:
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Re: short fuses

Post by immy »

I am finding this very helpful. I do have a short fuse at times. I have learnt over the years that for me it is panic as I feel things are getting out of control or because I am confused as people are saying opposites or changing their minds and I cannot handle it. Also I often sound angry without realising it and people criticise me for being angry when I am just strugglig to cope.
Nowadays I cry rather than get angry which is very embarrassing when it is as simple as people not agreeing where to sit in a reastaurant!!! I do think the feeling that nobody understands is such a big part of it whether we are aware of it or not.
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Re: short fuses

Post by jilla »

again this is another thing that im not really affected by .. but that my son most definitely is .. hes always had a short fuse and would never accept help with things like school work etc .. hed often have big arguments with my daughter and often would get quite threatening towards her .. manys the time ive had her pleading with me .. mum i hate Craig .. cant we get him adopted lol .. on a couple of occasions hes even got a knife out the drawer and threatened her with that too .. that was a while ago now and now shes 19 and hes 17 they do get on better .. but Craig still has a very short fuse and gets very angry at things that are very minor .. like just being told that we want the main TV so turn your play station off please .. being asked to do anything he doesnt really want to do brings a big outburst from him and often a string of insults too .. and when hes 17 and 6 foot + tall its difficult to make him do anything .. and often the aggression you get back makes you wonder if its really worth the aggro involved too
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Re: short fuses

Post by Sharks758 »

Uh jilla r u by any chance my mum. Im called craig and am exactly like this but then im 16 and my sister, helen is 14
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