Undiagnosed, should I see a doctor?

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Undiagnosed, should I see a doctor?

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I am professionally-diagnosed with autism and ADHD, and I think I might have dyspraxia too. I've always struggled with telling lefts from rights, I have a long history of injuries that were caused by my lack of coordination, I don't buy white clothes because I routinely spill things, and if I don't actively think about what I'm holding, I drop things. I call myself "kind of ambidextrous" because I favor one hand for some things and can use both for others. I can't dance, I walk into things all the time, and I'm 23 and still fall out of chairs.

Should I see a doctor? Who diagnoses dyspraxia? What are your diagnosis stories?

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Re: Undiagnosed, should I see a doctor?

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Hi there M

Regrettably, obtaining formal recognition of Dyspraxia from the NHS as an adult is no easy thing. A lot of the expertise is confined within the paediatric sphere and even then a lot of parents find themselves forking out for a private assessment.

Because there are quite a few crossovers between Dyspraxic and Autistic and ADHD traits your GP may either say he/she has nowhere/noone to refer you to or will ask what will it change? The answer to the latter question is the difficult part. For yourself, having confirmation enables you to move to better self understanding/acceptance.

There also is no specific treatment/therapy available for dyspraxia. if you were fortunate they might refer you for CBT. If you're v fortunate the person you see might know and care about Dyspraxia and/or the CBT might work well for you.

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Re: Undiagnosed, should I see a doctor?

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I'm in the same boat too. I did ask a GP about some things I was struggling with, before it had occurred to me that I might be dyspraxic, and he said that I was probably dyspraxic he could make a referral to an OT for a diagnosis but that it would take a long time and as an adult there was nothing available on the NHS in the way of specific therapy as an adult. TBH as someone who has developed coping mechanisms between childhood and my mid-40's it didn't really matter (although things seem to be getting a bit more difficult for me now, which is why I'm here), so I didn't pursue it.
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Re: Undiagnosed, should I see a doctor?

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Hi i also am diagnosed with aspergers and ADHD i also suspect dyspraxia and i got to finish my g.e.d so to get my accomidations thry force you to get rediagnosed where i live. Im 27 and at this age i've stopped caring but im going to have to figure it out if i want to have a job in my future my g.e.d is kinda my incomes lifeline currently. As a adult here is the thing unless you need acommidations there isn't getting told can do for you other then maybe be told yeah you have it. So its really up to the person does knowing help? If so go ahead. If not then you could mention it but for the most you'll be okay. I struggle with telling left to right to i can't manage a white shirt for the same reason and i do fall out of chairs a lot so i relate.
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