I can't imagine

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I can't imagine

Post by Xenavire »

I just had a fun-ish idea. A game of sorts. All of us face certain problems, from coordination to concentration or emotional, and this forum is our place to let loose and talk about it.

So let's have a bit of fun with it while we are at it!

The idea is simple - name some activity that you can't imagine ever being able to do. Whether it's simple or complex doesn't matter - and if you can do something that someone else can't, maybe you can even chip in with some useful tips. (If someone can learn something from this, it won't be depressing!)

I'll start - juggling. I just cannot do it, no matter how much I have practiced. Two balls? Not an issue. But add a third and I can't even keep two of them going anymore. It's not a particularly useful skill, and I know a ton of people can't juggle even without Dyspraxia, but as a kid it was just one of those things I desperately wanted to do - but I never did get the hang of it, even practicing for hours a day spread out over a year or two (not every day, mind you, but enough that you'd expect some improvement.)

Interesting enough, I did manage to learn how to juggle two balls with one hand (for about five seconds, but it's something), but three balls was always too many moving parts for me.

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Re: I can't imagine

Post by Tom fod »

This is hard as most activities I can't do are thrown into what I consider the realm of pointless or stupid or downright dangerous. If I feel a need to, I'll try to find a way.

If I didn't have a significant visual impairment that precluded it, I guess I'd like to be able to drive. However, I'm generally more at ease with not being able to. It's a shame some other people particularly those on dating sites are not

Definitely like the idea though. Sharing ideas for coping strategies and ways to break down our fear of things is so important!

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