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Josh Hyland
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Good afternoon,

My name is Josh, I am slightly over 35 and was diagnosed with dyspraxia by an educational psychologist while at university, 2004-2006. My profession is Business Analyst, which I would argue is very compatible with what I understand to be my dyspraxic traits.

I have joined this forum to better understand and support others with dyspraxia or dyspraxic traits, hoping to help others as I have been helped elsewhere. I also need support and am glad to live in an age when it is available, and there have been male role models sufficiently visible to inspire to request help when I need it.

As a start, I have previously written a post for Dyspraxia Life regarding workplace challenges, tools and workarounds: http://www.dyspraxialifemagazine.co.uk/ ... rstand-me/.

As a parent of two children (aged two and, recently, five) I have found lockdown incredibly difficult, working full time, parenting and home schooling. A fog has interrupted my usually-fluent thinking and left me prone to self-doubt and paranoia regarding my manager's views of my efforts, which I realise are irrational, unfounded and hard to overcome when they arise. I am also introvert and despite the isolatory nature of COVID landscape, would rather appreciate a several days totally and selfishly alone.

Anyway, I will stop there to avoid an overly dense post. Nice to meet you all, I look forward to learning more about everyone else.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hylandjoshua/ - please feel free to connect.
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