Hello - I'm new here

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Hello - I'm new here

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I have been diagnosed with Dyspraxia and Dyslexia recently. I did it whilst studying on a post graduate university course. My Mother always called me a clumsy child and I forever had bumps and injuries on me when I was a youngster. I am now in my 40's but glad for my diagnosis as I spent years thinking I was stupid/lazy, however it does open a different world to me. I am looking forward to discovering new techniques to help me manage day to day issues.


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Re: Hello - I'm new here

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Hi I'm Helen & I'm new here too. I haven't had a diagnosis yet, but I believe I have a lot of typical traits of dyspraxia. I was just curious as to how you got a diagnosis? I don't think my GP would take me seriously if I ask him about it.

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Re: Hello - I'm new here

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Hi Rachel and welcome


It's your GPs job to listen and try to help, that said he/she often has the challenge of identifying appropriate options for diagnosis/support as there aren't really any dedicated services. It's definitely worth asking the Occupational Health Therapist you're due to see this week.

The Dyspraxia Foundation FAQs recommend

"I am an adult with dyspraxia or I think I may have dyspraxia. Who can my GP refer me to for an assessment?

Many GPs are unfamiliar with dyspraxia. Therefore it is important to take in information with you. Take in a completed checklist with examples of how the indicators of dyspraxia apply to you. The doctor will probably discuss with you an appropriate referral. Dyspraxia affects people differently, therefore it will be appropriate for some to go to a physiotherapist, for others a speech and language therapist, an optometrist or an occupational therapist. However the GP will also discuss why an assessment is appropriate. Usually it is only necessary if you have hit a “glass ceiling” and your dyspraxia is disabling you from living your life in a way that you want to.

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