Dyspraxia and Life Magazine and campaigning for better recognition

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Dyspraxia and Life Magazine and campaigning for better recognition

Post by Andrew_S_Hatton »

I recall reading somewhere that a new All Party Parliamentary Group is being established in the UK Parliament to focus on issues related to dyspraxia/DCD

I wanted to post a comment about this issue in the magazine and first searched the magzine using the worf "Parliament" and got a nil return - maybe I did something wrong.

I clicked on the link on the Magazine's website marked -FORUM - and it brought me here again.

I had subscribed a while back after the Forum became corrupted awith Spam and I could not see how to do anything about it.

I had also been troubled about being reprimanded regarding a post I made which I did not properly understand - I felt the warning I received which was not explained so I understood it was unjustified.

I now see that all my notifications have been removed, so I cannot refresh my memory.

Nonetheless I am interested in several aspects about this APPG - was it just a figment of my imagination?

If it exists who are the memebers and how can I contact it please?

Hence this post.

I have meanwhile answered an enquiry in another thread and signed up to the Introductions - messages again - so I shall be interested to see how matters develop.

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Re: Dyspraxia and Life Magazine and campaigning for better recognition

Post by Tom fod »


Sorry I missed seeing this till earlier. No I'm pleased to say it wasn't a figment of your imagination. The All Party Parliamentary Group to be chaired by Emma Lewell-Buck MP was announced by Dyspraxia Foundation. https://dyspraxiafoundation.org.uk/all- ... raxia-dcd/

As far as I can see there's nothing from Government web domains when I google Dyspraxia and APPG. This may be because APPG may only be publicised when its' final report is published? If like me you don't do Twitter You could ask Pete Guest to tweet Emma Lewell-Buck about whether they're looking for/open to public input/comment.

Apologies for being indelicate or unclear with my (non formal) warning. It was, if I remember correctly, either because you had posted something about an IT vulnerability which turned out to have been shared by lots of people but was actually unfounded, or because I was being overly grumpy about you responding to dodgy posts rather than using the report icon. That is more me being a grumpy git so please accept my sincere and abject apologies on that.

Unfortunately we had a couple of incidences where we had quite a heavy influx of spam postings. The first involved my having to delete hundreds of posts the second I spotted earlier and only had to delete 70 or so. I'm sorry that impacted you disproportionally due to your notification settings.
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