Hi, I’m new

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Hi, I’m new

Post by nieko »

Hi people,

I’m new to all this. I am in my 40s and believe I have possibly lived or learned to live possibly with dyspraxia.
I feel quite emotional that there is actually something more to my chaos than just chaos if that makes sense...

I’ve recently started teaching or training to teach and it’s brought this all to the surface all those feelings I had as a child when people would be mean or dismissive of me as I couldn’t speak properly (still not the best at it), Catch things, would bump into stuff, drop things and feel like people were getting really infuriated by me.

Some of the questions on a general type questionnaire I was like, wow, that happens every day and I’ve never been asked about it before.
I’d say I drop my phone at least 3 times a day, spill stuff on me daily, I make sure I am wearing clothes that I’m cool with getting messy, I think I have just learned how to plan around me being so clumsy.

Anyway, I did come here to say hi, not to waffle on about the chaos that follows me/leads me!

I’m a ‘proper’ grown up I guess, live in the west midlands and am interested in finding out a bit more about dyspraxia - I suppose if I were diagnosed I could ask people to be patient with me when I meet them initially, I dont know, I just know that some of my behaviour (although I don't feel massively in control of it). anyway, hi, it’s nice to be here, pardon me for going on a load of unstructured babble!

oh and call me nieko :)
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Re: Hi, I’m new

Post by Shadwell »

Welcome to the forum Nieko,

I was 10 when I was diagnosed, and 30 when I found out about the condition, maybe I was one of the lucky ones in a way as was sent for testing due to parents persistence. but my GP then went on that it was all in their head rather than they did find something wrong. I suppose it was due to the fact of patient/doctor secrecy. and the fact I was fed up of hundreds of tests. and all I wanted was to be in school with my friends, and not down the doctors office week in/out, and never found out about it apart from GP's looking at 1 specific report. and the fact that I was ready to learn and find out what the report said, plus the modern day of technology meant I could look up what the condition was, rather than way back in 86.

anyway hope you like it here. we do have a friendly bunch of people here.
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