Hi everyone

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Hi everyone

Post by Clockeightnine »

Have just found out that I am dyspraxic,explains a lot.Only taken 65 years to find out that I'm not a total fruit loop. Who gets lost on the way home because my brain won't let me turn left or get on the correct bus.Now I know the reason why,maybe I will be able too stop having private breakdown's in the street.Glad I found this site it could be a life
saver.Also it will put my sons mind at rest,he has always said that I lost the plot years ago,kids don't you just love them. :bike:
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Re: Hi everyone

Post by otis_b_flywheel »

Welcome clockeightnine,
Wow - diagnosed at 65! I thought I was a late one at 56. I hope the diagnosis gives you some comfort / relief and look forward to your further posts.

"I may not be perfect, but parts of me are pretty awesome."
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Re: Hi everyone

Post by nickye »

Hi and welcome to the forum

I was diagnosed with dyspraxia at the age of 44 (four years ago) and it's been a revelation! I can relate to getting on the wrong bus or missing the stop, and it explains why it took me three years to learn to drive! And yet I can memorise lists of things like the kings and queens of England - but where did I put my keys two minutes ago?! :)

I love this forum - it makes me feel i'm not alone, and you can feel alone in a room of people can't you? I find my head gets in less of a muddle now, and it enables me to help other people as I have a lot of patience and understanding of people, so there is a good side to it. Although when I'm frustrated I can't always see the good side!!

I hope you get as much out of the forum as I have. This is one of the most (if not THE most) friendly space I've found on the Internet - makes a change from some of the ranting and rudeness elsewhere. I find people are generally understanding and friendly.

Good luck with everything
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