Hi, im Michael

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Hi, im Michael

Post by Mys »

Hi, I'm Michael I will be 15 tomorrow... And I've just come here to talk about my dyspraxia really... I was just wandering do you guys find it a bit awkward in public like me and if you guys always have to watch what your doing so you don't stand out. I am really not smart and quite thick at times which make people laugh at me and also get angry really easy. I don't like it and feel like its only me help...

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Re: Hi, im Michael

Post by Jim »

Hi Michael.

At your age, others aren't very good at accepting differences in other people. Especially in school situations where people likely to mock others tend to congregate together and combined they can make things very unpleasant. They're the ones being stupid. As far as you can (and I know it's not easy as I have been there) you need to let any bullying you receive go over the top of your head, find friends where you can and develop a sense of humour about yourself. I learnt rather too late that if you can laugh at yourself then it matters less when others laugh at you.

Eventually.. most people grow up a bit and you might find that their behaviour towards you completely changes, often for the better. Although there will always be idiots who simply lack the brain cells but that isn't your fault nor problem.

You mustn't pin yourself down as thick. You well may well be socially awkward but please remember that as a Dyspraxic you'll be approaching the world from a different perspective than most of society. This will never change and it may always be difficult for you to fit in socially. But as long as you realise and accept it for what it is you'll develop insight and coping mechanisms and you may well end up becoming more empathetically adept than other people around you.
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Re: Hi, im Michael

Post by AlleyCat »

Hi Michael. Jim has given some very good advice there- people of your age often bully others to make themselves feel big, so it is important that you don't let them upset you. Remember that you are not stupid- even if you do clumsy things or take longer to do practical tasks, nobody has the right to call you stupid. I can understand how you feel though, as when I was a teenager I would do things which would make me feel embarrassed- for example, problems with fine motor skills meant that I would fumble around when I had to get coins out of my purse, which caused me to worry what shop assistants and people standing behind me in the queue might think of me. As a result of this I then avoided counting out coins to pay for things, instead choosing to hand over a note or larger value coin- however, this wasn't ideal, as I ended up with a purse bursting full of coins, as well as piles of change scattered about at home! I wish I'd had the confidence to just allow myself to take my time and not be bothered by what other people might think.

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Re: Hi, im Michael

Post by Shadwell »

I still have that problem now AlleyCat, but I found one good way around it, my parents have been saving small change for years, so I usually give it to them £10 at a time once every 2 weeks. and got into a habbit of taking all change out of my pockets daily. and then just use the pound coins before pulling any money out of the cash point.

that way then I got money for things like if I need something new, or if something happens and I need money then they are happier to buy the item, or whatever. ok so has to have some sort of meaning to my life like carpets, or something for the flat, or to improve my life somehow. like I bought carpets and underlay for my flat out of the money I had saved.

but that was after about 4 years of not having carpets, due to problems with my old neighbour, then I wasn't 100% happy with my last place. but one of the first things done was redecorated here, and then had the carpets laid.

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