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Post by Star »

Hi I'm Nina

I'm 20 and have found my way over here from DT the teen version of this site. :D
I'm here because, well.....
1) it looked like fun
2) I wanted to have somewhere else to come and chat with fello dyspraxics when DT is playing up, or just when I need to talk to an adult instead of teenagers.
3) I joined because I can.....


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Re: Hiya

Post by Liz944 »

Hi Nina

Welcome to the forum!
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Re: Hiya

Post by Daniel »

Hi Nina,

Welcome to the forum. Perhaps you could tell us a little more about yourself? e.g. what you're doing at the moment, what difficulties you find with dyspraxia and whether you're receiving any assistance?

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Re: Hiya

Post by Star »

Hi to both of you.
Yeah I realised that I didn't really tell you much in my last post.
I'm a student at university studying History and sociology.
I'm also a writer and I'm currently attempting to write a novel.
The main problems that my dyspraxia creates for me are to do with things like handwriting and coordination, I also have a poor sense of direction. :D

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Re: Hiya

Post by scotsman008 »

Hello, welcome to the forum, ive also written a few random stories in my free time. Dont know if they will sell to authoring standards though!!! :)

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Re: Hiya

Post by Alex »

Hello Nina my name is Alex 21 live in guidford

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