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Post by MiffSmiff »

Hi there,

I'm Mary, I have had strong suspicions I might be Dyspraxic for some time now - mainly because despite years and years of learning to drive, I still can't do it! I was known as a 'clumsy child' and to this day (I'm 52) I'm forever bumping into things, 'cack-handed' etc etc. I loathe housework, but do it because my sensory issues can't abide what the place looks like after a few days if I don't.
I am now embarking on a quest to seek a diagnosis, if anyone has any tips I'd be so grateful.
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Re: Hi

Post by Tom fod »

Hi Mary

In less enlightened times Dyspraxia used to be called Clumsy Child Syndrome.

Getting professional confirmation can be difficult as GPs aren't always that informed and most of the expertise is in Paediatrics. It is worth speaking to your GP about how it's impacting your life to see what they can suggest. Depending where you live, please be mindful that they may not have (m)any options for referring you and may ask what it will change. If you can answer this question in a compelling way you're off to a good start. Being kind and patient with ourselves can be difficult but it really pays dividends.

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Re: Hi

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There are private occupational therapists who are qualified to diagnose dyspraxia. I had to get diagnosed for work reasons - 1. to get some respect 2. to be able to continue driving my own automatic car and 3. to get some help with admin as my job increasingly involved typing forty-odd page reports (with one finger!). It was worth the money I spent (over £700) to keep my job on for the nine years after diagnosis. It depends on your personal circumstances as to whether it is worth pursuing or whether to just accept that we are all unique with our own talents and challenges! :)
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Re: Hi

Post by AnnaMia »

My name is Anna Mia. I am dyspraxic . it has note been an easy journey especially when I was growing up, and the kids in my block making fun off me.
I am here hoping to get people who understand and relate to my journey.
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