Hi (From Sydney)

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Hi (From Sydney)

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Heya People,

I've lurked on this site a bit so I figured I should probably introduce myself. I'm 30. I'm not completely sure I have Dyspraxia but definately feel a connection to this community.

I'm an early childhood teacher and I remember back when I studied my diploma Dyspraxia was described to the class and I remember thinking "hey that sounds like me". My verbal language is mostly OK, however I attended speech therapy quite regularly from the age of 3-8. Im clumsy and my memory is pretty random. But the crux of my issues comes from planning, organising etc . I lose many things, often, and watch many deadlines fly by despite my efforts. Right now im trying to create a roster that outlines the tasks of my team over the course of the day.... Its a nightmare! Over some years I researched Dyspraxia and got many different pictures (the most morifying and ablist describing dyspraxia as being as if the person was dropped on their head and yet there was no physical scaring). Then by fluke my mum was cleaning up and came across an old paeditrician report which mentions dyspraxia (seemingly like a symptom).

So I decided hey i should go see someone. I put this off for quite a time because i felt a bit like a crazy lady diagnosing herself and was not sure where to go. But then eventually found the courage to take myself off to a medical facilty at my university which housed neurolgy, speech and auditory departments. I spoke to the receptionist and described my suspisions she spoke to some people and eventually booked me into see a speech pathologist and do a test. The test day came around, I got the clear impression that the 2 speech therapists had not done this test before. The test itself only questioned speech compoents and entailed saying a series of sounds out of context for some time. Having explained that the speech component was not my concern i was frustrated that that was the only part assessed. Needless to say I passed.

Years have passed since and I am at a loss really what to do and feeling pretty disilusioned. I struggle immensly at work managing the various tasks I must do and recognise my failures at planning . I also suspect i have issues with anxiety. Ive always been pretty shy and have come a long way with that. However , trying to please bosses/colleagues/children/parents means Im often bending over backwards, spending hours working overtime to over compensate for my lack achievement.

And thats a bit(maybe too much) about me.

Thanks for Reading!
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Re: Hi (From Sydney)

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Are you Uk?
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Re: Hi (From Sydney)

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Hi Maddie(?)

I see this is a 2.5 year old post so profuse apologies it was not responded to sooner. Glad to see you still check in to the forum occasionally

I'm regrettably not sure what the Dyspraxia support landscape is like in Australia, I see there's a DCD Australia but their site seems to be under construction and I could only see reference to children and families. Some people do have more significant difficulties with verbal dyspraxia sometimes called apraxia of speech, but that's not everyone. Regrettably the myth that we'll just grow out of it persists and a good deal of the experts are firmly rooted in Paediatrics. Neurologists seem to generally have more interest in life threatening conditions to specialise in and/or try to manage. Dyspraxic adults do feel rather forgotten in terms of support and services. A lot of folk have no option but to self-declare and we welcome people here irrespective of whether they have a Golden confirmation of Dyspraxia ticket or not.

Do you work in teaching then?

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