It finally clicks.. and all makes sense, but what now?

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It finally clicks.. and all makes sense, but what now?

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I'm a 47 year old woman.. after just commencing a new job, and running out on it twice.. due to what I thought was the cause..
anxiety... I now know after much reflection... the cause of my anxiety.. originates.. from, yep.. an undiagnosed realisation that I am dyspraxic.
I knew I had problems with processing.. in learning( years of therapy for low self esteem)
I thought I was just an anxious person..
But I know through this new run out on new job.. that its dyspraxia, and anxiety.
But what am I to do..
So I've joined this forum, to help with moving forward and self acceptance.. Very pleased to meet you..

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Re: It finally clicks.. and all makes sense, but what now?

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Hi and a very warm welcome. Glad you've found us.

Besides the public and in some cases medical and educational professionals' perception that it is clumsiness, that one should grow out, there is the fact that some struggle with sensory sensitivity, working memory and often as a result anxiety and low confidence in ourselves.

Are you hoping to be able obtain a formal confirmation? This can be a bit of a battle as many GPs lack awareness and/or may struggle to find anyone to refer you to. Depending on your employer (public service ones are usually the best) it might be worth looking the Occupational Health route. Access to Work/your employer could fund assessment and obtain a report suggesting adjustments to help you at work.

Happy to answer further questions and please feel free to send a private message if you prefer.

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