What are the chances I'm dyspraxic?(and how to go about being assessed)

Getting assessed for your dyspraxia, getting help, disability allowance etc.

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What are the chances I'm dyspraxic?(and how to go about being assessed)

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Throughout school, I had a lot of trouble with coordination. I even remember finding a kindergarten report card and I had all 3s except in one subject-motor skills. I couldn't make a paper airplane or weave, was very disorganized, drew all over my papers. I was abysmal at sports-I'd need like 5 tries to hit a ball in baseball, or I'd miss a ball when kicking. When I got into college, I went into culinary arts. It was pretty fun, but my clumsiness made it difficult. My knife skills were constantly criticized, and I was always the last one cutting meat or fish cause I couldn't get the right angle. I'd try to watch my professor cut it, but then when I had to cut it myself it's like everything flew out the window.

Now I've left school and have picked up a cleaning job. I still can't snap my fingers, I use wet wipes to clean floors cause I have trouble sweeping. Putting my shirt on backwards is a very common occurrence, as is having to rebutton a button up shirt. I have trouble tying my shoes too. Though it's weird, I don't feel confused or anything when trying to tie them, they just come undone a lot. I'm very jumpy and I change my clothes a lot cause of how uncomfortable they can get and little noises like cat scratching can make me really irritable. I also make a load of typos. Like I'll read over everything really closely but then when the finished product is done I'll see them blaring. I always miss spots when brushing my hair which leads to knots. I know what left and right is, but I can forget when I need to distinguish. I bump into tables a lot, I talk fast, I'm easily distracted-there's just so many things.

So, does dyspraxia seem likely or could I just be clumsy? Is it worth being assessed? Technically I'm not even British but I assumed there would be some non British people since it's the only dyspraxia forum(I'm American). It feels like no one's heard of it here. I'm not quite certain how to go about things, and I'm also worried about money. I feel a little awkward about it cause I'm shy and I got screened for ADHD once but no one said afterwards so it was pretty weird. But yeah, any advice? I'm 20 and female btw.

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Re: What are the chances I'm dyspraxic?(and how to go about being assessed)

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Hi there and welcome

I'm British but do know and have some Dyspraxic friends in the USA. It seems to be more recognised as DCD though plenty of people seem to be given ADHD or ASD diagnoses as there are more 'treatments' available. As to how and where you can get assessed, that is the million dollar question!

Have you reached out to DyspraxiaUSA or visited their website?

Unfortunately there often seems to be a completely false notion that we grow out of our condition. We get better at finding ways around but somethings (and some people) can still cause us problems Even in the UK getting a diagnosis as an adult is a bit of a struggle and very much a postcode (ZipCode) lottery

You do sound as though do have some Dyspraxic Traits

Please check here for some useful inks: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=7385

All the best

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