What do you think about getting charged for assessments?

Getting assessed for your dyspraxia, getting help, disability allowance etc.

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Re: What do you think about getting charged for assessments?

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I have no idea and hope it goes better than when I was referred to an Occupational Therapist in 2014 - the bloke had never dealt with adults with dyspraxia and did not seem to have much awareness - I cancelled the appointment because it was a waste of his time when he could do more use with other work - plus he was proposing to come and see me - a round trip of about 40+ miles and he could not offer me an appointment in his clinic.

That was the outcome of a GP referral to a consultant psychiatrist as a device to be onward referred to a clinical psychologist,

However now some Occuopational Therapists are definitely being trained and have experience & it seems as if the GP was not fazed by the request as mine was.

Imagine - back when Professor Amanda Kirby was a GP and already experienced with dyspraxia in about 1999 - one might have been seen by her - she knew what was what back then - so some are well informed - like the locum psychiatrist I saw on a review appointment after the debacle with the Occupational Therapist. She had me diagnosed in about twenty minutes whereas the previous one was over half an hour late starting my appointment & did not know dyspraxia from a barn door.

This article is undated but refers to the sort of work she was doing as a GP - I do not know when she became a professor - nor have I checked the other links in the article

Hopefully - you will get an Occuapational Therapist trained by her!
GP Dr Amanda Kirby who provides training for occupational psychologists on dyspraxia and has a son with the condition calls it, The Hidden Handicap, as although someone with dyspraxia may look “normal”, they will have underlying problems that may affect their life.
https://www.independentschoolparent.com ... dyspraxia/

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