dyspraxia diagnosis

Getting assessed for your dyspraxia, getting help, disability allowance etc.

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dyspraxia diagnosis

Post by ALADDIN »

My IQ is around 125, 95%/96% percentile.

My working memory is around 68% percentile.

My processing speed is around 67% percentile.

My perceptual organisation is around 22% percentile.

My weak areas are gross coordination, fine-motor coordination, visual motor coordination.

I found university education stressful, would my processing speed and working memory score cause stress , is it average, certainly out of sync ?

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Re: dyspraxia diagnosis

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I think the fact of being out of sync will cause stress. We naturally compare ourselves to others but it's not objective and is hazardous to self esteem.

From what I gleaned from quickly googling, perceptual organisation is about making sense of sensory input.

If the tests that measure perceptual organisation are something we'd normally choose to avoid, could the additional stress of being put on the spot and having to do carry them out, mean our score might be lower?

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