Just assessed and doubt the result!

Getting assessed for your dyspraxia, getting help, disability allowance etc.

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Just assessed and doubt the result!

Post by Mona79 »

I have just been told I am surely dyspraxic.
I went for an assessment because I can not follow sequences at the gym. I see them but I can't translate them to me and I sort of freeze unless they qre slowed down. I can't do step classes for example. My instructor knows to stand in front of me or to come close and show me so I can copy movements but often I jog on the spot whilst the others do it.

I used to fall over lots, I was a clumsy child. I broke lots into adulthood and then out of sheer bloody mindedness because my husband teased me I decided to get on top of it and pracitsed so much at holding the glass I was carrying, walking carefully. I managed to "cure" that aspect. I was teased for it by a teacher at school. Team sports were a joke and I was bad at them so sports teachers didn't like me either.

I hate talking to people when a radio is on, I can't drive and talk easily. I can not imagine a journey; I can imagine the departure point and the arrival point and not the middle bit. I have a blank even if I have known the journey for years.

Anyway, I learned today in tests that I can kick a ball with my right foot but I catch a ball better in my left. In fact everything I do is better on the left but I am right handed! I was surprised at how AWFUL I was at the ball test. I saw where I had to throw it but it went totally the wrong way and gauging distance and speed was hard to. We were only playing catch!

The woman today who assessed me said she thought I had Dyspraxia which she would confirm when she has written her report.

And...as usual, instead of being happy I DOUBT it! Why would I doubt it?! I feel nothing. I am supposedly Cyclothymic and my son has Aspergers syndrome. I'm used to labels and I don't think I care but I don't know why I don't accept it. I seem too able to do things...I have no fin motor issues.
She says I've managed to live my life around it...perhaps but I just feel odd! I doubt every diagnosis. Perhaps that's just me.

Anyone understand?

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Re: Just assessed and doubt the result!

Post by Tom fod »

Hi Mona

Back when I was confronted with the fact I had this condition I felt much the same. It's not a well understood thing and you're no doubt wondering what it all means and whether you're now going to have to declare it and what others will say/think? There are plenty of things I can do that, so-say, a person with my condition cannot. You've made it this far under the radar. It doesn't change who you are and you're not obliged to fit into anyone's idea of what you can/can't do. Neither are you required to avow the condition if you so choose.The label doesn't have to define you, nor should it.

There are people here who have made it in all walks of life because of/or in spite of being dyspraxic. Some are aware/formally 'diagnosed' Some have come to suspect while plenty remain oblivious. It's not as clear-cut as ticking all the 'can't do this, can't do that boxes as we're all different.

You're welcome to read and post here as much you need/want to and if you decide this isn't you at some point in the future,then we can always delete your posts if you want us to.

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Re: Just assessed and doubt the result!

Post by Mona79 »

Thank you for your kind reply.

I guess that's it. I feel like a fraud but I went to the gym today and I noticed how many things may now be due to that! Do you get head rushes when oyu move around / get up too fast?? It's my movements too..I am stiff. And someone said hello to me. I heard her but took my time to respond. I have always done that. I thought it was just me being dreamy and I do seem to be. I told my instructor about the diagnosis. He was SO lovely. He saw for himself the problem. He makes a movement, I see it but I can't do it myself...I could see that he really wanted to understand why. He's a brilliant teacher. He said he wasn't giving up...that he was stubborn and he did the movement against a wall and I managed! That made me happy as I thought that in fact I can continue and it doesn't seem to put him out too much! He seems to want to find the key. That's what good teachers do. My husband said I should accept my limitations and do something else but I like the gym. I never have accepted my limitations. Ever. I was almost sectioned as a twelve year old child I've had years of therapy and yet I have never ever given up. Perhaps this is what made me fly under the radar! I keep getting up after being knocked down! ;-) My son has Asperger's syndrome. I know how important and unimportant labels are. I think I will however assess him for Dyspraxia too as he falls all the time and is very clumsy with his movements and I want him early on to know that it is NOT HIS FAULT.
It's funny but I have loads of friends and am really sociable. I never thought of this. I only checked it out as I was sick of not following everyone at the gym!

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Re: Just assessed and doubt the result!

Post by Jim »

I do hope you come to term with that diagnosis because from what you have typed it does fit.

To know your limitations is actually very useful though. But that doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't do things. But know how far you can pursue an activity can help you manage your stress levels.

If you enjoy your gym and feel that it is beneficial then you should absolutely continue doing it. But don't push yourself too hard if a coordination or a motor control difficulty takes away enjoyment.
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Re: Just assessed and doubt the result!

Post by ggyy »

I had the opposite problem. Dyspraxia wasn't known when I was a child and, when I first heard about the condition, it seemed to describe me perfectly. When I went back to university in middle age I asked about testing, the disabled students officer did an informal test of the cognitive aspects; It would have possibly identified the condition in me at nine years of age, but was far too simplistic for an adult. The amount of information to assimilate was tiny, there was nothing about doing two things at once, time management, short term memory, sequencing…

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