Do you think I have dyspraxia?

Getting assessed for your dyspraxia, getting help, disability allowance etc.

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Do you think I have dyspraxia?

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My shoes come untied a lot, but I thought I knew how to tie them. I've been asked if I forgot to brush my teeth while brushing. I miss spots while washing my hair;my mom told me when I was younger that my hair was still greasy, even if I used lots of shampoo, and I've been told that again lately. I seem to put my shirt on backwards or button it wrong more than the average person. I'm a messy eater and drinker, so my shirts are easily stained or I get stuff all over my mouth. I also never​ learned to snap my fingers, whistle, blow a balloon or swim. My clumsiness hurt me in school, although my handwriting is good and I'm good at drawing​. On my kindergarten report card, all my grades were 3 except motor skills. Gym class was rough; I was in the Freshman gym class Junior year and I was still behind everyone. A lot of the time, I couldn't hit or even kick the ball, but I kicked air. Baseball was the hardest. Walking down the hill meant nearly tripping even if I was going down. I'm being tested for ADHD, which I know correlates dyspraxia. One of my big things is that I pace a lot. It's calmed down from almost running around the house-when I was 15, but I still get bruises from bumping into walls. I've also wondered if I had autism, and I know that goes with dyspraxia. I'm sensitive to noise and touch, and I feel bad because my sister can just be talking to me normally and here I am rubbing my ears. I'm also sensitive to things that go boom(like fireworks) and machines. I had bad shyness growing up and I still get anxious around people and I have trouble making friends. Stores freak me out-I hide in them! I do have some weird obsessions for a teen. I'm big on geography. I've memorized almost every country and almost every town in Maine. I like facts about shows like what date they came out and what country made them. Lately, I'm into researching different medical conditions​ and how rare they are. I stim a lot, mostly drawing with my finger in my hand, rubbing my arms and twisting my hands. I'm not sure if I have autism, but there was a time where most of my friends did and I can relate to the symptoms. A cool thing about me though is that I have a good memory-like I can remember almost all the dishes our family has had at restaurants. But my short term memory isn't the same-I'm quite unorganized! So, do you guys think I have dyspraxia?

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Re: Do you think I have dyspraxia?

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Hi and a very warm welcome

You definitely seem to have experienced many of the difficulties and related anxieties that so many of us share and it is worth asking your ADHD Assessors for their thoughts. There are some crossovers with Autism/ASD and I think some of our obsessions are often borne out of coping strategies. It can very difficult to look at our differences and find the positives from our neurodiversity since whenever we compare ourselves to other seemingly 'normal' people we come off worse.

Over here obtaining diagnosis/confirmation and accessing the right assistance as adults can be difficult, though awareness is at least improving in some quarters. Please do make full use of our forum to ask questions and/or contribute to discussions. Although we're a .uk site we have an international membership.

The Dyspraxia Foundation USA may also be able to offer some ideas/info/support

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