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Riding bikes and failing

Posted: Mon Apr 12, 2021 11:11 pm
by Tristan
Hi, I don't even know if this forum is active but I prefer forums, unfortunately, they seem to be dying but I figured I'd try.
I'm wondering if anyone's ever had trouble riding and steering bikes if have could you explain to me how?
I struggle with riding and steering bikes myself and I hoped that my motor skills had improved since being a child and I'd be fine but I'm not so I'm selling it for a motorized scooter something I've always been better at steering and more in control over. I also am having a really hard time mentally realizing I can't do this because I try explaining this to people and I'm often met with keep practicing you'll get stronger. But it's dismissive because I've been practicing my entire life, I grew up swimming and practicing motor skills and so much physical therapy and other things and it improved but it never seemed to get past a certain point and I accept that but it's something I do feel ashamed about being an adult using a motorized scooter because i can't ride a bike steer a bike tell my left or right or even be honked at by cars without getting disorientated. For once i just want to do something that everyone else can do and not feel like somethings holding me back. and i want someone to can relate to me and my struggles.

Re: Riding bikes and failing

Posted: Tue Apr 13, 2021 9:56 pm
by Tom fod
Hi Tristan

Regrettably it's not as active as I'd ideally like it to be.
It was started 15 yrs but most of action is on social media now. We get a steady stream of visitors and new arrivals like your good self.

Maybe I'm too quick to respond and shd give other members a chance to respond to each other?. Equally I like to ensure posters receive a timely response.

Scooters do seem to be more popular these days, not that I fancy my chances commuting for more than a week without being on the end of road rage or some mishap. I don't drive so it's bus, train or walking for me.

People are affected to a variety of degrees some manage bike riding in slower time, though not all can or feel sufficiently safe or confident alongside road users. Does the idea of a tricycle appeal?

Re: Riding bikes and failing

Posted: Thu Apr 15, 2021 2:01 am
by Tristan
Taxies are a thing here but i don't got the cash to pay for a taxie everytime i want to travel i also don't drive. I do have transportation but some independence would be great i live alone but its not always nice calling to get a ride from your parents at 27 years old anymore. Buses aren't a thing in my area not unless you're further out and where talking hours. I can ride for example and i walk and look normal so nobody really knows besides family. But they had me on a bike sense i was a kid and i never got past a certian point.
And on these roads i just can't my steering and foot works bad and i slid into the road last summer that was my turning point. Along with the realization of this bike is never getting me past unpopulated areas or i'll be a pancake and i don't want the risk its not worth it for me.
I always did well on scooters as a kid but i cant seem to find one that has a seat or could handle my roads hills and still not be super fast - (cause ill meet the same problem)
Trikes i've been looking at those and considering but the sidewalks around here are to tiny it would take up the entire side walks in certian areas leaving no space for podestrians. In other areas it would fall off the side walk and i dont feel safe driving on roads with a bike and my.sense of directions god awful. Im at the point where im just annoyed i wish my area was more disability friendly.

About your fourm: I bet you could try to pull some people from social medial over. But i know its hard i worked on a small chat for a long time though still do but its for supporting others and i burned out after six years.
But smaller places i like them more and im sure there has to be others who exist that do too.

Re: Riding bikes and failing

Posted: Thu Apr 15, 2021 9:04 pm
by Tom fod
Taxis are fairly expensive in Britain too I'm fortunate to have good bus and train links (if I could go anywhere, still restrictions are easing just don't fancy long train or bus journey while face coverings are mandatory). I'm lucky to have a few people I could call on for lifts but generally I prefer to find my own way to and from places on foot and/or by public transport

I didn't pass Cycling Proficiency and was told I needed extra practise. There are some cycle paths routes but a lot of car drivers seen to have contempt or just very little regard towards cyclists. tbh as I said I wouldn't feel particularly safe or comfortable. Haven't really got space or secure storage of a bike if I wanted one so not a regular rider. Some dyspraxic folk are OK with bikes others sensibly avoid.

I also help look after a couple of FB-based Dyspraxia Groups. Social Media can be quite a fractious place so really nice to have the comparative serenity there is in this group, for those who are sensible and/or have been burned on or just prefer to avoid social media and we do get people who look regularly but may not necessarily post.

I occasionally put the word out about forum in social media circles I operate in The NHS page on Dyspraxia for Adults has a link to the forum. We were also featured in this article ... sageboard/

If it gets crazy busy we might need to find additional moderators but generally there isn't too much to have to do.