eInk - monitors and Kindles - eyes over sensitive to light

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eInk - monitors and Kindles - eyes over sensitive to light

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Hi all,

For a long time I’ve had difficulties with discomfort from bright lighting and screens (and when they are combined, specifically with monitors). I found out some time after i had this problem, that having eyes that are sensitive to light can be a symptom of dyspraxia.

Ive just ordered an old, low contrast model of the Kindle, and am looking forward to trying that out. I actually ordered the old model from eBay because it was cheaper and i wasn't sure how much i would use it - however, searching this forum someone has actually previously suggested that the old low contrast models are better for those with Irlen syndrome, and i think this was the right choice not just for being cheaper but for being easy on the eyes.

Whilst looking into this, I discovered there is a company now looking to release a full size B&W monitor that uses eInk. The company is called Dasung. Its not released yet, and sadly it will be very expensive (i think around $3000). I believe it does offer a smaller, 13.3 inch monitor already, at a lower (but still expensive) price.

So, really I’m just writing this post to say - if you think you ever struggle with monitors or reading contrast - but like reading. Maybe consider an old Kindle (ive ordered a Kindle 4)

But, additionally, technologies are developing with colour eInk and eInk monitors, so could be something to consider if you have the money (or just to keep an eye on, as prices (hopefully reduce) and technology improved.

Thanks all

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