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Help me out!

Post by Alyrae21 »

I am pretty certain (like 98 % certain I am dyspraxic). Here in Kentucky (Ya'll even heard of Kentucky?), It's not very known. The Dyspraxia diagnosis is hard to get, due to lack of awareness. The struggle is real. I have high academics, so no one understands, lol. You all do!
So I take college classes in High School. My 2nd year English Course has assigned a Research Paper - topic of my choice. I know Dyspraxia is better known in UK, but to me..... Dyspraxia is a hidden disability.

If you could take part in this research paper - what info would you share? My citations have to be validated by Scholarly Articles, so this again is more difficult for me, here in the states. WHAT has been YOUR biggest obstacle? Work, Family/Raising Kids? I am only 17, so I am just reaching adulthood and college. My worries right now? Choosing the right college, wondering if I can be a good nurse (with my dyspraxia weakenesses). i want to be a flight nurse (medivac) or Surgical Nurse. Anyways..... please share with me. My mom finds it frusterating when I tell her that I can't explain how I feel. To me, my life has been "normal", doesn't everyone struggle like this, lol?"

Your help appreciated!
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Re: Help me out!

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Hi Aly and welcome

It is known in the US but awareness is sketchy compared to UK (It is better here but far from perfect or even adequate in some quarters). We have some members from the USA on here.
It's considered a hidden disability here too.

As far as scholarly articles search for Professor Amanda Kirby, Gill Dixon and/or Sally Payne. They're all involved with the Dyspraxia Foundation (DF).

I have met quite a few people who are Dyspraxic and who work in Nursing /Healthcare. The Royal College Of Nursing (RCN) produced a guide on helping nurses with NeuroDiverse Conditions.

Getting the right words out is definitely a struggle especially when it is expected immediately.

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