Day To Day Tasks

Cooking, finances, shopping and any regular tasks that are challenging

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Day To Day Tasks

Post by Avarice »

Coming to the conclusion that being lumbered too much with household tasks like washing clothes ,washing /drying dishes cooking meals for more than one, shopping and putting it all in the fridge/freezer efficiently just asks for a potentially explosive reaction because it just seems a never ending cycle that seems just TOO LONG to do and makes me feel like saying "look I am not wired to do this easily and if your so better at it you do it". This is other f*****s work! NOT the kind we do or should be expected to do too much of.
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Re: Day To Day Tasks

Post by Tom fod »

Hell really is other people sometimes

I console/fool myself with the notion: A tidy House is the sign of a wasted life :evilb:

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Re: Day To Day Tasks

Post by BecaLindley »

Are there other people to share the responsibility with?

If not, I recommend using routes and check lists to keep on track.

Secondly, let yourself relax.
As long as there you have something to wear, dont panic over a pile of washing.
As long as frozen/fridge stuff is away, shopping can wait in the bags.
Overfacing yourself will mean less stuff gets down with more stress. Start with whats inportant and allow yourself plenty of breaks
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