Crimping hair

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Crimping hair

Post by Chaz »

I never was any good at make up or hair, so I gave up on make up, but the hair I persisted at. If I'm looking in a mirror, while doing it, it gets really complicated. So I just do it without and it's much easier.
Anyone else have this problem?
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Re: Crimping hair

Post by Tom fod »

Hi and welcome

As might be suggested by my name, I'm a bloke and would most certainly make a Transvestite of the order of David Walliam's Eddie Howard character from Little Britain.

However, googling Dyspraxia and Makeup does turn up results including these on You Tube from JJ, Dyspraxic does Makeup - Glam From the Two Dyspraxics.

Krystal Bella and other Dyspraxic You Tubers also cover the subject

Do use the Search box in the top bar above to look for more on this topic within this forum.

There is a Ladies only Dyspraxia Facebook. It's linked from the Help & Support Post in our Day to Day Living section.
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Re: Crimping hair

Post by Lilz113 »

Yep! I have this problem. I found ignoring the mirror helped me straighten my hair too. Still can't understand how curling works (my mate does it for me).

Its taken 13years to do basic make up (i can do foundation, some eyeshadow and lipstick on days that hands dont shake). Yet I'm pretty good at aerial hoop ](*,) I don't get it lol! Climbing and performing tricks at height should be a lot harder than sorting my hair and following instructions at work yet its the "easier" day to day stuff thats a lot harder than harder stuff

I found ignoring mirror for foundation and putting it on with a brush a lot easier than trying sponges etc (like you are apparently supposed to for liquid foundation)
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