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Credit rating

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Hi spraxy friends

I had reason to reflect on dyspraxia and poor credit ratings the other day. I'd had my car insurance cancelled as I forgot to switch the payments over to my new bank account and missed the emails... A familiar tale I'm sure!

I wondered if anyone else feels like they have a poor credit rating due to disorganisation caused by being dyspraxic and generally finding this whole paperwork/online invoicing/'unexploded inbox of doom' /late payments/lost phone so didn't get the reminder nightmare really difficult?

Further thoughts ran to wondering if there might be any way to lobby that us dyspraxics might be given some kind of handicap like in golf for our credit rating or a way of getting rid of a **** credit rating that's due only really to a hidden disability?

Any positive ideas or naysaying very welcome.

I'm not hugely optimistic just curious mainly.

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Re: Credit rating

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I think it's fair to say people with dyspraxia, dyslexia, ADHD and other neurodiverse conditions are possibly more vulnerable to this sort of mishap. Hope it wasn't through being stopped by the police that you learned about your insurance having been cancelled? In some instances it can lead to your vehicle being seized and sold or crushed as well as fines and points on your licence. However, I'd hope such penalties would only be levied in extremis cases of wilful neglect. The very fear of such penalties can be a reminder enough to check and double check, especially if you've fallen foul before. Technology can mean that crucial email can end up in junk. I lost out by missing an email and the chance to claim a prize I won back in the summer. I discovered the email a month later.

Modern society and attitudes to and pressures from financial institutions offering people easy credit and their not understanding that it's not free money can and do entrap a lot of people. If something goes wrong (lose job, split from partner, landlord wants rented property back or any other number of nightmare scenarios), you can really find yourself in the poo, with creditors sending demanding letters, followed by people knocking on your door looking to evict you or take stuff away to recoup debts. I think the important message is to have a system or someone who can remind you and if things start looking worrying to seek help and don't hope it will just all go away.

Assuming you're in the UK, you can request to see your credit record and ask for comments to be added as correction/mitigation. Would an insurer be less inclined to take you on as a customer if they believed you might mess up and fail to pay? Does Dyspraxia, ADHD or any other condition absolve us of responsibility. We don't have to declare our condition on insurance forms, if we did, is there a risk they'd try to find us a way to not give us as favourable terms? This would be unlawful; The Equality Act 2010 says someone should not be treated less favourably for reasons of disability. I still think it would be difficult for an insurer to argue that it would be reasonable to charge a dyspraxic more because they might be more of an insurance risk and more liable to claim on their insurance policy.

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