Any top tips?

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Any top tips?

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Hi there!

Im new to this or any forum, but I wanted to reach out to some people who might be able to help. I'm 23 and was diagnosed with dyspraxia in my last year of uni... just for some background info I studied fine art at college and uni and have never gotten the grades I needed to get into either of these but was let in on account of my artwork and interview. I was actually relieved to find out I am dyspraxic because for my whole life up until then I have been labled as ditzy, useless and 'away with the fairies' and so I thought this diagnosis would help family and friends put into perspective what life is like for me. This isn't the case. Does anyone elts have a problem with people refusing to believe dyspraxia is a recognised condition?

I really struggle with organisation and planning of anything from making plans with friends, applying for jobs, I lose track of time and am usually late or rushing to get things done last minute, I get lost ALL the time, I am awful with keeping track of money and so am already in horrendus debt, and am always offending friends and family by forgetting things which they have told me such as events, birthdays etc.

I just feel like I can't handle life and I have really low self confidence which I try to hide, but I do actually think that I am useless and I just can't hack day to day living. Does anyone have any suggestions for any of the above? I'm sorry for a full rant, but I'm really struggling and could do with some guidance from people who understand!

Any suggestions will do!
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Re: Any top tips?

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Hi Gally and welcome

It's a difficult condition to understand even for those of us living with it. Often we're our own harshest critics and we have long term memories that replay all the negative stuff people have said to us or about us (even constructive criticism) and replay it whenever we beat ourselves up over real or imagined failures. Some people are sadly unwilling to accept or even try to understand us or dyspraxia and will claim we're making excuses. We are pretty good at persistence and are quite adept at pursuing lost causes. This can work out though.

It is possible to be organised but it is contrary to our free spirited ways and the effort to rigorously plan isn't always in our nature so can cause a degree of pain.

I would definitely look at whether you can get some counselling. CBT is good but you do have to do your best to believe it will work. Mindfulness is also something you could look into. I haven't tried it myself so regrettably I'm not really able to comment further on it.

Aside from this forum it is worth also checking out
The Dyspraxic Doctor
Channels on You Tube from the Two Dyspraxics, Krystal Bella Shaw and others are also good.

Really glad you've found us and I hope my response and other posts here are helpful in making you feel less alone.

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