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Moved out

Post by jimmy87notts »

Hi guys. I've just moved out into my first flat of my own and I'm struggling to cope. Even thought it hasn't even been 24 hours. The prospect of all my bills, rent, car payments etc has become very overwhelming all of a sudden. Due to circumstances beyond my control I'm not able to move back home if it does come to the worst. I'm so frightened I'm not going to have any money at the end of the month but the most overwhelming thing is is that I miss my mum and dad. I miss my cats and I miss the comfort of home. All I want to do is cry
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Re: Moved out

Post by Tom fod »

It's a strange feeling when you first move out as on one side it is exciting, the other part, the responsibility is a bit scary. I was 37 before I moved out, nearly 7 years ago now.

Do you have a budgeting plan that lists what you have coming in and all the necessary bills that you have to pay each month? The first month is usually the most expensive as you are buying stuff to equip your new home and fill up your freezer/store cupboard. Things that can save are making your own sandwiches and cooking simply rather than calling the takeaway or eating ready meals. When looking a buying new stuff think about what is essential and what is just nice to have and not strictly necessary for survival this week.

It's going to be a lot quieter and seem 'alien' going from a house with people and cats to being on your own so feeling upset scared isn't anything to feel ashamed of. Your parents are only a phone call away and I'm sure they can reassure you.

Hope this is helpful but please don't be afraid to ask if there's anything we might be able to offer advice on.

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Re: Moved out

Post by michael »

Yeah it's frightening for sure there's no getting around that but I also think that we dyspraxics often benefit from motivating anxiety. The trick is balancing that slippery slope between mobilizing anxiety and immobilizing anxiety. Partialize your tasks so that they don't seem so overwhelming, and try mindfulness meditation to help soothe you. This is what my therapist has been recommending to me. You'll be Ok once you adjust and settle into a routine. We're here to talk to. PM me anytime.
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