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Hi everyone,
Just want to know if this is a dyspraxic thing really... does anyone else absolutely hate having their hair down?? I really can't cope with it. I just don't feel right unless my hair is back off my face and my family just don't get it.
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Re: Hair

Post by Tom fod »

Hi Sensory sensitivities definitely do seem to be a thing for quite a number of us. I'm a guy so can fortunately get away with having a crewcut. I'm now supposed to wear glasses for VDU work and must admit I'm still getting used to this. I can be picky about certain materials next to my skin and generally insist on 100% cotton. There are also certain flavours /food textures I will avoid like the plague.

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Re: Hair

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It’s been a very long time since I had my eye in my eyes and that isn’t simply thanks to short haircuts. I’ve been thinning out ever since I got into my 20s.

Now I’m heading towards my 40s.. have very little left on top 🤣
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