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Public transport

Post by HelenJ »

Just wondering does anyone have any problems with public transport? I am getting better at it, but I find it quite stressful sometimes, and have to plan it right down to the last detail. I then go over and over it to make sure I'm 100% certain I know what to do. I always have to go in the quiet carriage or (if I can afford it) first class on trains as I find the normal carriages just too chaotic. I also avoid buses at certain times of the day as I know they'll be busier than others, and as for going upstairs on a double-decker - forget it!
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Re: Public transport

Post by sparrowsnest2011 »

I'm not too bad with public transport but can certainly relate to needing to go over and over my travel plans and constantly check the travel news to make sure they are all running, then if they go wrong I get into a right panic. I think I don't mind public transport as I hate looking for a parking space even more!
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Re: Public transport

Post by Jim »

I’m generally ok with it. But I do tend to plan it all first and do my research which helps a lot.

The Paris train station was a nightmarish maze though.
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