cannot think

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cannot think

Post by Anurajos »

So tired of not being able to actually think ! how frustrating to try to explain what having not thoughts feels like. I cannot seem to plan everyone has it so easy when they can just do anything, but for me I HAVE NOT IDEA WHAT TO DO !
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Re: cannot think

Post by Tom fod »

Hi and welcome

Apologies for slow response. Are there any specific things you are struggling to plan? It’s usually worse when you’re stressed and it often becomes a nasty vicious circle where worrying about the things makes it increasingly difficult to think clearly and break things down and begin tackle them.

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Re: cannot think

Post by Wish90 »

It's so hard and I think sometimes I don't realise how people without dyspraxia see things, and then when think about, and how it probably comes much easier to others - sequencing. Very frustrating... For me it's like going round the houses to get to the same conclusion as someone else. ](*,)
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Re: cannot think

Post by allesandro »

I think that neurotypical people have better ego strength than we dyspraxics. After all, developmentally there were so many things we either couldn't do or that required a great deal of practice and time and effort on others' part in order for us to learn something that came quickly to others. If a aparent doesn't have the luxury of devoting that much time and energy and the school is not able or willing to do it either, and we're not given an explanation for why this is, than we don't develop the type of tenacity and ego strength that other people do. This is particularly true when both parents work, and when there are other siblings in the home.
I have a nephew with dyspraxia who is fortunate enough to have had since early childhood a physical therapist, speech therapist, and occupational therapist, special ed classes, and an individual tutor. It has made a huge difference. Don't we all wish we'd had that benefit?
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Re: cannot think

Post by I_Voyager »

In addition to ego strength, (and catalyzed by it) there can come tremendous anxiety as a result of feeling super focused, pushing yourself too hard, being taunted and just having a ****ing hard time coping. It's worth considering that the problems with cognitive focus you're having could be secondary in this way - caused by anxiety and/or depression. I know I am clearest on days when I feel positive and cognitively stimulated. On days like that with a little weed I can think rapid-fire. But as soon as anxiety is in the mix everything is muddled, and depression turns me I to someone who can't explain any simple feature.
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