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Amazon Alexa

Post by Clumsy »

Hi all

I'm considering treating myself to a virtual assistant like an Alexa or Siri for my home and was just wondering if people here find it a useful tool to help organised ones life.

I have recently developed a relationship with a NT female who has an Alexa, who uses it for a multitute of things (timers for cooking, music, alarm clocks, to-do lists), and it made me wonder if it would help me to organise my comparatively chaotic being.

It would be good to get it synced with my Sainsbury's online shopping account and things like that, just to help out a bit.

It would also help me feel less of a luddite!


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Re: Amazon Alexa

Post by Andrew_S_Hatton »

Greetings in reply, sorry that you did not have a response - I have not been very active here lately and on this Bank Holiday Monday am going through the unanswered posts and see that they go back a few months.

Inow use a smartphone but every newe piece of gadgetry seems to bring extra complications so I do not plan to have one of these talking computer things.

In fact I I could permananetly switch off the talking voice from Google an my Android phone I would do it - but as fast as I get rid of it it seems to eventually come back again.

Do please post some more and perhaps scroll through other peoples posts to find if there are topics that you have an interest in.
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Re: Amazon Alexa

Post by Tom fod »

A friend got me an Alexa 'to keep me company/amused' during lockdown. I would not have treated myself but if she went wrong I might buy a replacement. You can ask her to remind you to do things or add them to a shopping or To Do List and they will appear on the app on your smart phone. Her can't understand I as I exed her to add sommat to my list which appears as 'Radio Wales' and I cannot for the life of me translate/remember what I had meant!

Other AI assistants do exist I always thought AI was artificial insemination! Eek!

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