Drinking and addictive behaviour

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Drinking and addictive behaviour

Post by Tam1 »

Does anyone else here go through phases where it’s all or nothing I didn’t drink for 8 months but in the last week I have drunk a lot 6 days out of 7 I don’t think I have a problem just am bored and lonely
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Re: Drinking and addictive behaviour

Post by Tom fod »

After not drinking for ages to having alcohol six days out of seven is going to make you feel like things are suddenly a bit out of control. I guess it is about finding positive alternatives though these can be difficult to find and/or stick to sometimes. Is there anywhere you can go to have human contact in doing something you enjoy? Not necessarily/hopefully avoiding excessive amounts of alcohol?

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Re: Drinking and addictive behaviour

Post by MixyGrism »

You're right, Tom. I also used to drink because of boredom, but it turned into an addiction in the end. So, try to find something to distract you from these thoughts. But, you know, you can't change loneliness with a bottle of wine. As a recovering alcoholic, I've had plenty of regrets to count, and the Long Term Effects Of Alcohol Abuse have critically changed my life. Unfortunately, I can't turn back time, but you can get out of your comfort zone and start a supervised detox. I've been sober for almost 8 years, and, believe me, nothing compares with this feeling.
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