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Post by Jim »

Now then, I don't do the gym (I like exercise in private), but on and off, for most of my adult life I have at least wanted to stay fit.

At my best I was doing something pretty much every day, cycling, rowing, dumbbells. I kept this routine up for a couple of years or so and definitely felt good for it.

This was until work compounded stress and anxiety issues brought about quite significant tension and cramp issues in my neck, shoulder and back. A legacy I'm still suffering from today.

It's been a long road to sort out the stress and anxiety problems, the physical affects are gradually reciding, although I think they will always remain to an extent, I decided that I can no longer wait for them to disappear before exercising again and I got fed up of feeling like a fat blob.

For a year I have actively and very deliberately done a lot of walking, walking to town and back to buy my groceries, walking to work and back, taking long walks in the country side. I've been racking up between 40-50 miles per week (sometimes more). This has helped me loose about ten kilos so far, and signicantly reduced my waist line.

I am now reintroducing dumbbells and rowing to my regime to improve my over all cardio vascular fitness and strength.

I'm well aware that I'm unlikely to achieve poster look muscels and abs, partly because I am incapable of doing things like push and press ups, I have to limit my dumbells to relatively modest weights. I'm never going to look like an athlete and I'd lack the inclination and dedication to try.

But as long as I return to feeling good and being as fit, toned and strong as I can be I'll be satisfied.

What do you guys do?
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Re: Exercise

Post by RGabb »

I go to the gym every other day at the new leisure centre in town, it gets a bit busy and bit noisy sometimes and i don't like it then but i just listen to my music when its noisy to drown that noise out. I have a training plan to tone up that i stick to because I find it easier to stick to something then not knowing would be the best for me to do, so i go on the bike for five minutes then the treadmill for 19, with 15 mins at 11km/h then with 1 min at 12km/h and 1 min 13km/h and a few slow downs in between, i weave i don't tend to run straight that well just go left to right when im on it. then i go on the leg press however i sometimes like to use the vario thing which is like a cross trainer with strings either side holding the feet holders, then go on hand bike for five mins then other weights such as chest press and such like then rowing. I like it however i have very thin arms and i have to tell people im not very strong all the time when i need help with lifting things. I tried the stair thing other day to see what it was like with my friend, where your climbing stairs but i nearly fell off that a few times so i have to constantly look at the steps so i know where to put my feet otherwise if i look forward i loose balance or get my feet trapped.

Ive also used the sauna once, however most people sweat in there i don't instead i find it cold well not cold it hot but if i move suddenly or move my arms i get a cold rush go down me so i never sweat not really sure why.

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Re: Exercise

Post by darwingregory »

I dont have to go to gym to exercise i just exercised at home and then at night i do jogged and it feels good.

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