Dyspraxia hobbies

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Re: Dyspraxia hobbies

Post by calumfsinclair »

I go climbing, I'm now the captain of my school shooting team, I learnt (with great difficulty) to play guitar and accompany myself singing folk songs!
Sticks and stones will break your bones, but more often if your dyspraxic!!!
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Re: Dyspraxia hobbies

Post by minilin »

Gaming, Reading and Horse riding :) I used to shoot a lot as well but had to stop due to increase in the cost of rounds :/
I started riding when I was 10 to help my Dyspraxia, Doctor recommeneded it. Can hands down say it's the best thing I ever starter, been riding 13 years :) It's helped my co-ordination no end and really helps when I'm feeling stressed out :)
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Re: Dyspraxia hobbies

Post by FAndrews »

Computer and Console games, reading, drawing, painting, sculpting, miniature and role-playing games, and just recently learning the guitar.

For those interested here is my artwork: http://www.deviantgoblin.deviantart.com/
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