dyspraxia cant stick to a game

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dyspraxia cant stick to a game

Post by Mys »

Hey guys, I'm dyspraxic and I'm 15 and I can NEVER stick to a game espically when I've been knocked out of the game so I often end up ruining the game for other people because of my cackhanded ways... Anyone else like me or is it just me on this one?

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Re: dyspraxia cant stick to a game

Post by Shadwell »

Hi Mys, yes there are people like you that have problems, my problem being more like a digital camera compared to an analog camera, my brain takes like still images at certain points very slowly, so lucky if I hit a ball in rounders, catch a ball, or even kick a ball the number of times I have landed face first playing football is phanominal. because I step onto the football instead of seeing the next time my foot goes to go down should be a kick.

so you aren't alone on bad hand eye co-ordination.

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