Clothing that you hate

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Re: Clothing that you hate

Post by DanTheOutlaw »

I can't do ties and I on occasion mess buttons up when I wear button up shirts, my shoe laces come undone more frequently than they're probably supposed too most of the time as well.

I remember my school days where I'd get entangled in a high vis jacket when we were getting changed for sports and another student would come and rescue me, essentially dressing me. I was in this situation again recently where I couldn't properly put a high vis jacket on and had to get assistance, I hate it.
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Re: Clothing that you hate

Post by HelenJ »

I don't like anything tight around my neck, and I detest wearing tights as I struggle to get them on and they are the most uncomfortable things ever. Therefore I don't wear dresses or skirts very often.

Whoever invented the bra was crazy - trying to do up those little hooks is bad enough but when they're behind your back?! I much prefer a comfy cotton vest top.

I also hate wearing clothes with buttons on. Not that I struggle to do them up, I just have this weird aversion to them on clothes. It caused a bit of an issue when I had a job where I had to wear a white shirt as part of the uniform but most of the day I wore a hoody or a fleece zip-up jacket over the top.
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Re: Clothing that you hate

Post by Wish90 »

I hate tight things around my waist like tight leggings, but equally hate any trousers that are too low, like on my hips. I also don't like labels. Sleeves on clothes annoy me. Even my glasses behind my ears drive me mad. I hate the feel of glasses on my face as well. I don't like hair bands behind my ears. I really am very oversensitive to anything. Bras also annoy me.
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