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Re: Hair care

Post by RedRevolver »

Yep, I do. TO make matters worse, I've got quite a lot of thin, very curly hairs. I've never felt good about my hair and tend to avoid it...
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Re: Hair care

Post by Dan »

My hair is long and messy, lol! I doubt it'll ever look good, but it doesn't bother me too much. I would just have short hair, but I feel that I suit longer hair better.
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Re: Hair care

Post by allesandro »

I shaved it all off
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Re: Hair care

Post by Wish90 »

I really struggle with my hair!!! It's unmanageable and I can't cope with hairdryer and straighteners :rolleyes: feels like my hair let's my look down!! So annoying. I don't like it short and I don't like it long... I had it cut short as it was long but was always shoving it in a ponytail, but I still want to tie it back all the time. I don't like the feel of it round my face I think x
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