Anger Management

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How often do you feel angry?

Sometimes- once a fortnight or so
Often- a few times a week
Always- every day something really annoys me
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Re: Anger Management

Post by oscar07 »

could I get the anger i spoil that place i can't heard no one word during the anger time

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Re: Anger Management

Post by oscar07 »

I have drinking habit to overcome form this problem it will create me anger and anxiety

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Re: Anger Management

Post by yogyog »

I rarely get angry, but when I do it's always badly handled, in public, and at a ridiculous number of decibels... :blush:

Recently I became incredibly offended by a children's dance theater program ... Me and my partner do not believe that she should go to this school, especially when they bring on disabled kits to dance to "here come the clowns", dress 4 year olds as barbie dolls and put them in literal boxes, or have a dance number set in a concentration camp, complete with videos of Hitler and camp survivors, without any context or justification. Unfortunately, my step-daughters father insists on this school and seems blind to the problems with it... and has been sending us abusive texts

Anyhow, this resulted in my muscles spasming, and I ended up running outside and screaming at the top of my voice everything I found wrong with the performance.

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Re: Anger Management

Post by Tom fod »

Hi and welcome
Who was the Creative Director? Godfrey Bloom?

I think sending a letter of complaint/concern to the school itself (or to the or LEA) requestting an eoxplanation and if that fails a letter to the papers. But do consider that you have to balance how any fallout might impact on your stepdaughter.

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Re: Anger Management

Post by Ben A »

Hi all,

Resurrecting an old thread here (sorry!). I've got/had anger issues in the past. Have learned to control it a lot better in the last few years I think - other than one consistent 'elephant in the room' - the biggest trigger was my brother and our relationship. We've not spoken since April - not the first time we haven't spoken but I'm pretty much at the point if we don't talk again I'm accepting of it, as we're poles apart. It's a really difficult situation - he's in a controlling abusive relationship but in complete denial and a total yes man to his wife (who is a total cow, and has hated me from day one). It was just causing so many issues and arguments that I couldn't deal with them and the situation any more - just constant arguments. Never hit him (or her) but got so angry and broke a few things over the years - now have a nice new coffee table though which is good (old one was a cheap and nasty IKEA one anyway! :grin: ).

Strange, as I have a good circle of friends, and never have any anger issues with them - never even anything close. I also feel a lot more self-confident for being out of that situation, it can really drag you down. Sometimes best just to move on from things and accept they will never work. A bit of a shame, but that's life, and life is too short.

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