Essay Problems

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Essay Problems

Post by DyspraxicPhilip »

Hey guys!
I am in college doing my Higher English (A-Level English) as I failed Higher English but I passed Nat 5 (GCSE) the second time as I got a reader and scribe in the class with me. (Occasionally) That took me out of the class to do one to one. Sometimes! I’ve realised that it takes me about 50 mins, just to write a paragraph in my argumentive esssy. I don’t have a reader and scribe in the class this year. I’m starting to worry as the final exam is approaching and I don’t want to fail. Any tips from any dyspraxic’s?
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Re: Essay Problems

Post by Andrew_S_Hatton »

Thanks for posting - I fear not too many may see this.

I have not sat a written examination since 1972 - that I can remember and I was decades away from discovering I had dyspraxia.

Over the years - though - I have written - lots and lots of professional reports - the time management thing was hardest and avoiding tangents.

A quick memory list of one or two word reminders of what I want to include - did help sometimes - but I have not done anything professionally since 2003 so even that is a long time ago.

Maybe look through OTHER POSTS here that others will be signed up to and post another response - that might get a wider readership.

I wish you well - I still struggle with English grammar and regret I did not get a better grounding in literature - being a slow reader is a real impediment for me.
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