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Livescribe Echo Pen

Post by OneClumsyDragon »

I'm starting college this month, and the access program in my new college is fantastic! Yesterday they gave me a Livescribe Echo Pen, to be returned when I graduate, and it seems absolutely perfect for me. Taking notes in college is something I had been worrying about for years, and I'm so relieved that this technology is available to me.

The pen records audio (for example the voice of the lecturer) while you're writing, and then later on you can tap on your notes and hear playback of what the lecturer was saying while you wrote that line.

Does anyone else think this might be useful for them? Or has anyone already used one?
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Re: Livescribe Echo Pen

Post by Tom fod »

I've heard of them but not seen or tried one. I'd be personally terrified I'd manage to lose or break it. But do please let us know how you get on

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Re: Livescribe Echo Pen

Post by Captain_Ludd »

Never heard of them before but sounds like an awesome idea, wish id had one back at uni I'd concentrate so hard one either writing or listening and then totally loose context when I came to read my notes.
As Tom says it would be interesting to hear how you get on.
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