School Musical

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School Musical

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My friend and I are in the school musical, we're both dyspraxic and we enjoy singing. We thought at first it would just be singing, then came dancing - we've had a laugh so who cares. Then in the dancing came holding hands, then hugs - pushing it. Now they, want us to KISS our partner, my friend and I aren't partners since we refused To touch each other, but my partner is lovely, and is really understanding! I talked to the dramam teacher and she said I don't have to kiss but have to get close! :banana: On touching she said man the f**k up, does anyone have any tips for handling it cause all I want to is cry!! And that would be embarrassing on stage…
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Re: School Musical

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Its a bit out of order for your drama teacher to say that and its not helpful.

Theater is very much a different world and yes this is just school but with acting you have to understand and get used to being very much open minded with yourself and open and close to others and be prepared and disciplined to do what it takes to produce a good show this. A lot of this is down to the trust and relationship between all the cast as well as directors.

I would say the thing to do is to talk to your partner in the show about it - talk about what the difficulties are and work through them in small steps it may also help to try out side of the drama class if you feel there is too much pressure at the start.

I understand that it may be too much but not only is it a part of acting and theater generally but i am sure it will give you a scene of achievement and that you can do things you previously thought you couldn't.
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